Think resilience is about toughing it out?


It’s not!

Resilience is not about hardening your shell, putting up a defensive wall around your emotions, fixing a gritted smile on your face or maintaining a ‘stiff upper lip’. It’s also not about ignoring your emotions when you face an upsetting challenge.

One of the most important features of resilience is flexibility, rolling with what life throws at you, bending with the wind instead of breaking.

We have a eucalyptus tree in our garden. During each storm that has come our way it bends, quite far actually because the wood of a eucalyptus is soft. It has never broken or lost any branches. After each storm it is still standing. And still growing. #Resilience

If you are finding yourself ‘broken’ after challenges, or afraid of the next one because you don’t believe you can handle it, have a think about what needs to change in your mindset.

How can you be more open to change?

How can you remain flexible when life is uncertain?


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