When you take on too much

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Busy people often don’t think they have time for coaching. But there’s coaching principle called ‘Pausing for Performance’… …and the best example of how it works is think how you’d feel if you worked all day and through the night.  How productive would you be the following day? If you have ever woken up refreshed after sleep or a nap or if you have ever had a great idea in the shower or at traffic lights – that’s because actually your brain has been allowed to pause for performance and you can see how that has given you new motivation, commitment, new insights/ideas and vision, clarity and renewed energy. I usually try to practise what I preach – usually! – but a few weeks ago I had a lot on my plate, I took on more and said yes to too many things. Then something of reasonable importance fell out of my […]

Study Skills and Resilience for Exams (Junior/Leaving Cert)

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For the attention of Post-Primary School Principals in Monaghan, Cavan, Louth, Meath: Would your school be interested in booking me to give a talk to Junior or Leaving Cert Exam students on study skills, identifying their personal learning styles, effective time management and developing their personal resilience in the lead up to their exams as well as techniques for managing panic on the day? The talk is 1.5 hours. It’s interactive and motivational with some fun and practical elements too to hold the students’ attention. There are some written exercises to encourage reflection and self-awareness and additional resources provided afterwards to the school.  Health promotion plays a part too and I will demonstrate tips on how they can harness their own physiology to reduce stress on exam day. See photos here of a recent event in Inver College (originally shared by Inver College on social media) and what students will […]

Stay Calm and Rock that Exam

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Exam stress is often reported to be one of the biggest challenges for teenagers and young people today, although this has been the case for past generations too so it’s nothing new.  No matter what age we are or where we are in our careers, all adults remember what it was like to face big exams, especially state examinations.  However, if you are a student reading this, the stress you are feeling is new to you, and current.  You may have felt sure of yourself in other areas of your life up to now, but somehow any confidence you have felt during school terms or when doing short assignments seems to have evaporated. Do you see others in your class ‘effortlessly’ getting through exams?  Have you ever looked at someone on the TV, or on stage or at an event, speaking fluently and articulately, and thought “Wow, I wish I […]