Let’s visit the zoo! (or are you already there?)

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If we visited the zoo today, went to the chimp enclosure and popped a balloon, what might happen? You can imagine the scene.  The noise.  The screeching.  Chimpanzees running around wildly.  Some inconsolable.  Youngsters huddling under the big arms of their parents.  Parents rushing to scoop up their youngsters and carry them away from danger. They would be fraught with worry.  Needing reassurance but unable to hear it. Sometimes this scene is borne out within our own minds when we feel threatened. Our mind screeching.  Irrational and excessive reactions.  Unable to reassure ourselves.  Panic. The way our minds and bodies react to stress triggers has been honed and developed over hundreds of thousands of years, but our response is often out of proportion to the level of the trigger in today’s world. So what can we do?  There are lots of ways to teach ourselves how to reassure the chimp […]

The peace you seek is within you already

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Silence isn’t an absence of noise. It’s a quality of mind.   If you long for the peaceful vibe of this picture just look inside yourself. Mindfulness is the best way to do that, so download an app or go to a mindfulness practitioner. It has been proven to have really positive benefits on mental health and stress management.   No time? Sit now, for 60 seconds and let your mind wander freely. No judgement, just let it go where it wants to. Gently listen to the sounds around you. Notice what’s happening in your body; your core, your heart, limbs, muscles, your face, your lungs.   Just notice, that’s all you need to do.  For 60 seconds.  That’s all. Refresh, recover, reboot. Best wishes, Lisa.   #Coaching #Mindfulness #StressManagement #Resilience

Resilience Role Models (3)

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Resilience Tip of the Month here! – What to do when you go blind in space… In April 2001, Commander Chris Hadfield suited up and went outside the International Space Station with a colleague to do some work. A few minutes later, the oil and soap mixture that was used to keep his visor clean got into his eye.  It stung his eye very badly and his eye teared up.  In zero gravity tears don’t fall out of the eye – they remain on the surface of the eye, effectively creating a pool of water between the eyelids.  The more his eye got irritated the more tears it produced.  Surface tension dragged then dragged that pool of tears, oil and soap across the bridge of his nose and into the other eye. He was effectively blinded, out in space, holding on with one hand to a Space Station that’s travelling […]

Is your mindset ‘Open for Business’ for developing resilience?

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The importance of mindset in developing resilience can’t be overstated.  It’s one of the most important pillars of a resilient life and it features in my Resilience Framework – the one I designed based on years as a nurse and as a coach, and that I use regularly to help my 1:1 clients identify what’s working well and what needs more attention.   Luckily, like many of the other pillars, mindset is something you have control over.  It’s doesn’t rely on anyone else.  It’s within your power to improve it. To develop your level of resilience, your mindset must be programmed so that you are ‘Open for Business‘ in terms of personal growth. Experiences (both good and bad) are a wasted opportunity for personal growth if you don’t reflect on them and identify what you have learned from them. In the Resilience Hub this week there is a new video with […]