Allow your wings to unfurl

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Have you ever heard of the process a butterfly has to go through to get out of its cocoon? They struggle.  A lot.  People (particularly children) who might see this are tempted to help. However, the butterfly must go through the struggle alone because the physical effort needed to break the seal and wriggle free […]

Switching ‘Set Mind’ to +Mindset

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Do you find it difficult sometimes to maintain a positive mindset? Does it seem a bit fluffy, as if it’s something lucky people have, because – well, why wouldn’t they have a positive mindset?!  Everything is going well for them! Aside from the undeniable research in neuroscience about the universal benefits of maintaining a calm […]

‘Extra’ help

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It’s commonly known that introverts regain their energy by being alone after a social activity.  They need quiet time to recharge.  Being with lots of people, in lots of noise, for long periods of time, makes them exhausted.  It’s not about being ‘unsociable’ – they are very sociable people – they just prefer it to […]

Unleash your Power at Interviews

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Little did we know that ‘pivot’ would be one of the most used words of 2020.  Businesses have had to recalculate long-established income streams and revise processes overnight.  Employees have had to adjust their working practices.  All of us have had to completely rethink most elements of our lives: social, personal, working, financial, education, child-care, […]

Conflict – did you bring your compass?

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Is there anything more heart-sinking or gut-wrenching than being in a conflict situation or conversation?  Most of us would do anything to avoid it.  But it’s unavoidable at times.  That’s life.  People don’t always agree with us or what we have done. Sometimes we can sense an impending conflict before anyone has spoken a word […]

Credit (the good kind)

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Every time I deliver a resilience training session I encourage an exploration of what resilience means to attendees.  I’m always amazed to hear new perspectives from every group. This week’s training session was no different.  Participants broke it down to different kinds of resilience including frontline staff who come home from a tough day and […]

The joy of travel, while staying safe

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The season is turning, for sure.  There has been a crispness in the air for the last few days.  Some brown leaves fell in front of me this week.  The swallows are preparing for their long journey ahead, stretching their muscles, swooping up and down and practising their chirping communications.  They will be gone in […]

You KNOW you are on the right path when…

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In last week’s Resilience Guide newsletter I wrote about time management and gave subscribers a tool to help you start assessing where your time is spent.  The topic was chosen because it was one of the most requested in our recent survey.  (The tool was exclusive to subscribers – sign up to newsletters if you […]

RSVP – Noooo! But what will I say?

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Everyone’s out and about again, but you’re not ready? You may be still worried about your own health or the health of someone close to you.  You may be conscious that the virus is still out there, albeit in smaller numbers for now. I believe everyone has the right to make their own risk assessment.  […]