Switching ‘Set Mind’ to +Mindset

Posted Posted in Awakening, Coaching, Resilience

Do you find it difficult sometimes to maintain a positive mindset? Does it seem a bit fluffy, as if it’s something lucky people have, because – well, why wouldn’t they have a positive mindset?!  Everything is going well for them! Aside from the undeniable research in neuroscience about the universal benefits of maintaining a calm and positive outlook more often than we are inclined to, it’s a journey we each must take alone.  But it’s a journey each of us is more than capable of, if we Set our Mind to it. The fact is, no-one else can change our thoughts unless we allow them to. Yes, we are of course alive and breathing so we have instant and human reactions to what people say or situations we find ourselves in.  But those natural reactions only last a short time.  If we allow their narrative to embed in our mind, and if we re-enforce it by […]