When you take on too much

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Busy people often don’t think they have time for coaching. But there’s coaching principle called ‘Pausing for Performance’… …and the best example of how it works is think how you’d feel if you worked all day and through the night.  How productive would you be the following day? If you have ever woken up refreshed after sleep or a nap or if you have ever had a great idea in the shower or at traffic lights – that’s because actually your brain has been allowed to pause for performance and you can see how that has given you new motivation, commitment, new insights/ideas and vision, clarity and renewed energy. I usually try to practise what I preach – usually! – but a few weeks ago I had a lot on my plate, I took on more and said yes to too many things. Then something of reasonable importance fell out of my […]

4 tips for overwhelmed nurses on the frontline

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I’m seeing a lot of posts from totally demoralised nurses at the moment online so I wanted to do a quick coaching video in the hope that it might help you (scroll down). Obviously I can’t do anything to help with staff/patient ratios or do anything about the workload, but what I can help you with is to help you build your own inner resilience so that you feel better able to handle the challenges of work while you are at work, and then LEAVE IT BEHIND when you get home. So, when you are at work there are 4 things I want you to try to remember: You are only one person, you can only do the work of one person. I know you are prioritising work at the moment and scraping the surface, but it’s important to try to focus on that one task while you are doing […]