Submarine or helicopter

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There is a term that’s used often in business management and leadership development, which is “taking the helicopter view”, first coined by the Royal Dutch Shell Company. It may also be described as “peripheral vision”, “bird’s eye view” or “clarity of purpose”. It refers to the ability of a leader to rise above the specifics […]

Blame Tree or Blame Free?

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We all know what happens when we plant a seed and feed it.  Sometimes a seed is planted though and we don’t see it growing for ages.  A bamboo tree for example spends 5 years of its life embedding its roots before it ever flourishes above ground. Every time we say something or don’t say […]

A privilege, not a nuisance

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Last week I wrote about recognising any increase in demand for your input and opinions from the people around you – as being in fact a transition into being a ‘leader’ or indeed moving up a leadership level.  I suggested how you might manage these additional demands to make sure you don’t burn out.  I […]

Why always me?

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Do you sometimes feel like the Grand Central Station of all queries and problems? Are you the ‘Encyclopedia of Everything’ for everyone in your world? If you have found yourself at the end of the day with mental overload, brain whizzing, unable to take in another single detail, and hoping that the next person you encounter […]

The worst ‘leader’ in a crisis

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When I was a student midwife, I found myself one day in a room with seven other healthcare professionals, working furiously to save the life of a woman who had just given birth, but was now haemorrhaging. Everyone was working quietly (to reassure the woman and her husband) but fast.  There was perfect teamwork; each […]

How effective are your conversations?

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How effective are your conversations? Or a more direct question would be…how often do you listen – really listen – to someone who is trying to convey their feelings to you? There are plenty of quotes about the subject such as “You aren’t learning when you are speaking” and “We have two ears and one […]

How to avoid being ‘hooked’

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Have you ever been ‘hooked’? Being ‘hooked’ is when you are listening to someone telling a story and something they say brings back a memory of your own.  You tune out of what they are saying because you are now watching the movie of that memory in your head. It reduces your ability to concentrate […]