Resilient Leadership in a Crisis

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I’ve written before that all of us are leaders in one way or another.  We are leaders in our workplaces, within our family and in our communities.  The seismic shock of recent weeks has left many (who were previously strong, confident leaders) feeling lost, under-confident and still finding their feet in quicksand. My coaching practice has now moved totally online, and the issues presented to me by clients have moved from a wide variety to one common theme:  ‘How do I lead myself and others through this crisis?‘ This week I thought I’d best serve you by summarising some nuggets of wisdom from an article published in the New York Times this week.  It was written by a former Army General and a former Navy Seal based on their experiences of leading through 9/11. They suggest four behaviours you can focus on.  They are easy to do and applicable for all who lead others (staff, […]

The worst ‘leader’ in a crisis

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When I was a student midwife, I found myself one day in a room with seven other healthcare professionals, working furiously to save the life of a woman who had just given birth, but was now haemorrhaging. Everyone was working quietly (to reassure the woman and her husband) but fast.  There was perfect teamwork; each had their own role in the emergency.  My role was to prepare an IV solution of the drug that was our best hope for regaining control, Syntometrine.  The seconds were flying by and I didn’t want to cause any delay.  The atmosphere in the room was soaked in the urgency of the moment. My hands started to shake so I focused more on what I was doing; consciously, intentionally and carefully drawing on the needle to produce the perfect solution with no air in the syringe. What happened then was possibly the worst example of […]

No-one can give you confidence – they cannot take it either

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Confidence is a soft skill that is transferable to every part of our lives. When we don’t feel confident we lose out on opportunities for business development and/or personal growth. The only person who has ultimate control over your confidence is you.  Just as no-one can give it to you, no-one can take it away from you either, unless you let them. Our inner critic is usually the one thing that affects our confidence the most. We all need to learn to silence our inner critic, or ignore it. We think we have competition from other people, but there is a wonderful reminder doing the rounds on social media that says: “Your competition isn’t other people.  Your competition is: Your procrastination. Your Ego. Unhealthy food you’re consuming. The knowledge you neglect to learn. Negative behaviour you’re nurturing. Your lack of creativity.” Confidence would eliminate most of these toxic blocks. My […]

How effective are your conversations?

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How effective are your conversations? Or a more direct question would be…how often do you listen – really listen – to someone who is trying to convey their feelings to you? There are plenty of quotes about the subject such as “You aren’t learning when you are speaking” and “We have two ears and one mouth.  Use accordingly” and – this one is on the button! – “Most people listen with the intent to reply, not to understand” One way to practise this is when you are thinking about your answer while someone is speaking, or even trying to interrupt someone, stop yourself.  Wait a minute.  Ask another question.  Wait until the other person has finished articulating their point. Also, listen with more than your ears. Listen with your eyes, your heart, and with your brain engaged and focused on them, not you. One of my favourite coaching models is […]

How to avoid being ‘hooked’

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Have you ever been ‘hooked’? Being ‘hooked’ is when you are listening to someone telling a story and something they say brings back a memory of your own.  You tune out of what they are saying because you are now watching the movie of that memory in your head. It reduces your ability to concentrate or focus on what they are saying.  You definitely will miss the subtle cues as they continue to speak – their tone, body language, facial expressions, choice of words. If your memory is negative it may cloud your judgment and even cause you to become defensive in your interaction with this person. Listening deeply is a skill most of us don’t use a lot because we don’t need to in day to day interactions.  But leaders, healthcare professionals and coaches (among others) need to develop this skill and use it regularly in the course of […]

Confidence Inside and Out – Workshop for Teams and Groups

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Are you a HR Director or Manager who wants to offer your team a workshop which combines feeling good on the inside with looking good on the outside? In the first workshop of its kind in Ireland, Lisa Nolan, Resilience and Leadership Coach and Maria Macklin, Image Consultant have collaborated to explore the importance of knowing how to align inner and outer confidence. From Lisa your teams will learn the importance of being able to access their best selves every day. They will discover that harnessing resilience will allow them to thrive rather than just survive. Being able to practice and understand how to use their leadership skills when they need them is key to unlocking their potential. From Maria, your teams will see the fundamental role their appearance plays in their relationship to themselves, how others relate to them and the results they achieve.  Being visibly consistent and authentic […]