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When you do our
Leadership Coaching and Training Programmes,
you will stretch and grow into
the kind of leader that people can’t wait to work for!

I see you

You’re an owner or manager of an SME or in healthcare. You’re an expert in your field, but you’ve never had leadership training (or you’ve forgotten it). You don’t like conflict and you assume leaders have to be outgoing, vocal and a little bit scrappy! You often have to make difficult decisions but worry afterwards. You look at other leaders and wish you had their know-how.

How great would it be…

If you felt Resilient, Empathetic and Anchored?
If your leadership magnetised and retained world class talent into your organisation?
If your people went above and beyond expectations?
If you could take a day off (holidays even!) and switch off completely knowing that the place runs just fine without you?
If your staff felt psychologically safe not just to be creative but also to flag mistakes so you can make improvements together?

  • Unlike self-help books which end up being shelf-help
  • Unlike one day seminars that leave you enthused for a short period of time
  • Unlike the folders of unread articles and notes piled in the corner that you mean to read some day…
  • My programmes will ensure you learn and embed the tools and best practices of R.E.A.L. leadership.
  • You will stretch and develop your unique style of leadership, beyond what you currently think is possible.
  • You will know how to effortlessly manage conflict, build trust, empower and inspire your teams.

Be inspired

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Have you ever thought “Some day I’ll hire a coach”

A year from now what will you wish you had started today?

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The Way of the Quiet Leader” is a weekly guide for people who want to lead well while being confident in their authentic leadership style.

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Because what the world needs now is real leaders.

Other programmes you may be interested in

Coming soon…

Restorative Healing Circles for Healthcare Professionals.

Watch out for updates or contact me directly for more information.

Clarity session

Step off the treadmill. Ground yourself in nature.
Refocus and see your life from a bird’s eye view. 
Identify what your ideal life would be.
Create a S.M.A.R.T. plan to get there.
Reconnect with what’s really important.
Half-day in Co Monaghan, Ireland. Availability is dependent on government guidelines in pandemic.

Reveal the Best You

1:1 Bespoke Programme in collaboration with Maria Macklin
Develop unshakable confidence in yourself.
Build trust at speed with those around you.
Silence that inner critic.
Flourish in your unique authenticity.

For Self Starters…

Online training programmes.

Enrol and complete at your leisure.

The Resilience Hub

Reveal the Best You (1 CPD point on completion)