Reveal the Best You

Reveal the Best You is an intervention that spans several weeks.  It is designed and provided in collaboration with Maria Macklin, who is an Image Consultant with House of Colour.

Surveys of those seeking employment as well as those already in work reveal that the key skills they needed to progress included self-belief and confidence; building profile, personal brand, presence/gravitas, influence and resilience.

The content of this programme gives you the knowledge and know-how to access what you perceive you are lacking.

It taps into your potential, shows you how to unlock that every day and includes actionable tips and changes in habits that you can use immediately.

The content has been proven to achieve life-long learning and embedded knowledge.

All elements are tailored and bespoke to each participant, based on themes discovered by Lisa and Maria throughout the intervention and any requirements you have specified.

Trust and authenticity are essential in all business relationships. Trust is regarded as one of the most beneficial fundamental currencies of business and is an essential part in all relationships. Understanding how to build trust at speed is at the heart of this programme.

The programme also includes unique and effective follow up interventions and check-ins to ensure you are still on track and will address any difficulties or further questions that may arise.

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To book contact either Lisa or Maria Macklin, House of Colour

What participants of past programmes/workshops have said:

“Very informative, most enjoyable, very professional.”

“Very insightful and gave me a lot to think about – I will be ‘silencing my inner critic’ from now on and making sure I have my ‘armour’ on!”

“I really enjoyed the workshop and learned very useful tips, which I will start using in daily life”

“Very informative in all aspects for both business and personal life”

“Excellent joint delivery from both ladies – concise, clear, energetic and very helpful”

“Excellent, very informative”

“Very interesting and useful in the real world”

“Applicable to real life information.  Very interesting facts”

“An excellent partnership in different expertises leave a very complete workshop.  Every element was helpful and complemented each other”

“Enjoyed stories to get the point across – as we can all see ourselves in the scenario”

“Interesting and very informative presentation”

“I came away from the presentation a lot more empowered and got tools to use in business and personal life”

“Enjoyable evening and incredibly interesting”

“A great event for ladies to give you a boost in confidence.  We thoroughly enjoyed it”

“Content pitched at right level”

“Interwoven material with cases very useful for reflection”

“Great tips on how to dress, how to stand ‘in your power’.  Great tips on how to think positive and to calm the ‘self critic’ down.

“The talks worked really well together and were very informative”

“Having had my colour analysis with Maria and coaching with Lisa, I know how professional they both are.  This tailored workshop is exceptional”

“Enjoyed workshop and got some tips in confidence boosting”

“Two very confident, likeable presenters who give practical advice”

“Fantastic evening, lots of useful information, I will defo use.  Very enjoyable”

“I found the content of this workshop extremely original, thought provoking and reiterative.  The delivery of the duo was seamless.  Thank you”

“This evening’s Monaghan’s Women in Business SOLD OUT with guest speakers Lisa Nolan and Maria Macklin talking about building #confidence ‘Inside and Out’. Great feedback and I’d highly recommend this duo.”

“Thank you so much, this was such a good day.  Added to toolkit of being prepared to step forward in our community.”

“Very enjoyable and worthwhile”

“Fabulous day. Good way to build trust among group.  Found all of it useful – v timely for me.”

“Overall a very enjoyable day!”

“Very enjoyable day”

“Wonderful day”

“All aspects of today was very inspiring and extremely beneficial”

“Loved the whole day…great workshop”


Lisa Nolan, Aslan Coaching

I am a Business and Executive Coach with special interests in resilience and leadership.  Originally a nurse and midwife, I have worked in a diverse range of healthcare settings including street clinics in Calcutta, private hospitals in London, general practice and nurse education, before undertaking a Diploma in Coaching.  I help my clients harness their strengths, manage stress and develop resilience using proven techniques based on neuroscience and human physiology, so that new and improved habits are embedded and last long after the coaching intervention is completed.  I designed and developed three nurse leadership programmes that have been accredited for CEUs by the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland.  I believe that every client is naturally creative, resourceful and whole (Co-Active Coaching). I also believe that each person on this planet is a gift to the rest of us and that individual uniqueness should be encouraged and celebrated.

Maria Macklin, House of Colour

I am an award-winning Image Consultant with House of Colour helping people to discover their personal brand. For 16 years I worked in various roles for a multinational, professional services company where, through marketing, I helped unlock the potential of brands, products and services; yet for much of that time, I felt invisible. The day I heard about House of Colour was the day I learnt how to transform myself and almost immediately began earning promotions. By the time I was a senior marketing manager I knew I wanted to help others access those incredible insights.

I believe having the secret to confidence in ourselves is transformative, and available to everyone; it lies in people knowing who you are, valuing yourself, feeling valued and showing that to the world. Through training, positive encouragement and structure, I support people so they too can flourish – it’s no less than we all deserve.

Since March 2014, when I set up my franchise, I have contributed widely to media publications, including The Irish Times, The Irish Independent, The Farmer’s Journal, RTE Lifestyle online,, The Daily Slog, Women Mean Business and ICA Living & Home. I have appeared on Virgin Media TV with Elaine, on The Ryan Tubridy show and am a regular contributor to LMFM radio on the Sinead Brassil show.

House of Colour, the world leading franchise group in Image for Personal Brand, provides the foundation for my ongoing commitment to growth through training and development. A certified provider of training excellence, House of Colour is the only Image Consulting business to hold the Investors in People Gold Level award for services to clients.

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