Resilient Leadership

Resilient LeadershipAre you a new leader, an executive or a manager seeking to enhance your leadership skills?  Are you a business owner who would like to take your life and business to the next level of success?

Leadership is not easy. Being at the centre of a circle of multiple stakeholders that includes line managers, service users, customers, suppliers, investors, boards of management and the wider public, is demanding.  It requires energy and courage to do the right thing, to lead people through turbulence and change, to make difficult choices, have difficult conversations, to develop others and nurture the leaders of the future.  Leaders are required to lead teams – sometimes teams they did not assemble themselves.  They need to have vision; instigate and oversee long-term strategic plans for their organisation as well as managing the day to day running of the business.  Being at the centre of a circle of multiple stakeholders that includes line managers, service users, customers, suppliers, investors, boards of management and the wider public, is demanding.

Many of the world’s top CEOs report feeling alone.  They often receive no meaningful feedback from their direct reports.  If they are feeling overwhelmed they are reluctant to say so for fear of being perceived as ‘not up to the job’ or out of fear that they may be pushed aside by an ambitious youngster. New leaders often have to pave their own path, sometimes with little or no precedence to follow if their technology is new or if they’re in an emerging or unstable market.

If this sounds familiar, what would an extensive but bespoke leadership coaching programme, bring to your life and work? 

What would it be like to have a qualified and experienced Executive Coach who is separate from your business and your personal life, who is on your side but who will challenge you to become the best you can be, who is a confidential and safe sounding board to talk something through out loud?

What would it be like to allocate time every month for you to pause, step back, take a breath, look at the big picture, reflect, practise new behaviours, examine the impact of those new behaviours in a safe confidential space with a coach who is on your side throughout, have an accountability partner to nudge or challenge you to keep you on track?

What would it be like if your Executive Coach was also a qualified healthcare professional and who brings her extensive knowledge of human physiology to her resilience development interventions?

What would it be like to face a challenge at work but instantly remember with relief that you have a coaching session coming up where you can talk this over in a coaching context, gain deeper insights than you can access alone and discover your best solution?

What potential do you have that hasn’t be realised yet; that you would like to now unlock and release?

Introducing Resilient Leadership – a 12 month intensive personal coaching programme that will help you develop the courage to lead and the energy to thrive.

Throughout this programme you will:

  • Explore and develop your own leadership style.
  • Harness your own physiology to improve your stress management and coping skills.
  • Be more effective at managing your time.
  • Be more confident and a better public speaker.
  • Be more sure of your decision-making process because you will know it’s based on your true personal and business values.

This is a programme that is holistic and centred around you, but structured so that every aspect of your working life, including the challenges you face, will be addressed.  You can select from the modules below, and if there are other areas that you would like to focus on we will address those too.

Modules in the programme include:

  1. Values, Purpose, Drivers, Strengths, Areas to be Developed.
  2. Career Clarity.
  3. Conflict Mastery.
  4. Effective Conversations.
  5. Emotional Intelligence.
  6. Inner Critic and Self-Limiting Beliefs.
  7. Leadership Styles and Levels.
  8. Nurturing Teams and Talent.
  9. Parenting.
  10. Resilience.
  11. Stress Management.
  12. Time Management.

The models and frameworks that we will use include:

  • Micro-Resilience – a set of tiny changes in habits and behaviours that take seconds to implement but that will have a huge impact on your energy and recovery time.
  • Licensed assessment tools for identifying your level of resilience and areas that need attention.
  • Proven frameworks to help you engage staff, nurture talent and manage conflict.
  • Processes for enhancing Emotional Intelligence, improving conversations and reducing the impact of your inner critic.

Throughout this programme you will have 2 hours of coaching with me per month (e.g. 1.5 hours face to face with 30 minute follow up call), e-mail contact throughout, 24/7 access to a private online coaching collaborative dashboard shared only by you and me and that contains relevant curated resources, a year’s access to The Resilience Hub (online self-directed resilience training), personally recommended resources as needed and a manual that we will add to as we go so that you can refer back to your specific learnings at any time in the future.

Coaching is a confidential, one to one service to help people address challenges which they face, difficulties they might be experiencing or goals that they might wish to achieve.  It is a proven and powerful intervention that facilitates personal growth and development, enhanced self-awareness of one’s purpose, increased confidence and self-efficacy that enables the leader to meet all personal and business challenges with energy and clarity. Through coaching people can develop their personal leadership style and build on their strengths.  In the safe confidential space of coaching they can also work on any areas that need attention or where more focus is required.  Coaching is not a remedial intervention; it’s more about enabling the coachee to move from good to great and onwards and upwards from that.

The self-help book industry is a multi-billion dollar business.  Self-help books are effective in their own right, but personal coaching brings changes that are embedded and last long after the coaching block has finished, because coaching harnesses the specific areas of your brain that need to be engaged to achieve real and lasting change.  Coaching is therefore the most efficient and impactful personal development intervention there is.  It has been proven to be successful all over the world, in all industries and sectors.  Companies that invest in coaching typically see a return on investment of up to 7 times the initial outlay.

The CEOs of the world’s most successful companies all have a personal Executive Coach. If you are a new leader, a manager, or a business owner and you haven’t hired your Executive Coach yet, what has stopped you?  It’s easy to talk yourself out of hiring a coach, and you may be muddling along just fine, but we coaches believe muddling along isn’t enough.  Life is short and you deserve to thrive, to be happy and fulfilled.  You deserve to be successful, reap the rewards of success and enjoy every day of your life.

For more information or to arrange a free no obligation 30 minute call please contact me any time.