Resilience Workshops

Resilience in the Workplace

The world we live in is picking up speed and pace daily.  Our common reactions to this are based on physiology from our ancestors who faced different forms of stress.  However, it is possible for us to harness our physiology and use it to help us manage the common challenges of today. Lisa brings her years of experience in nursing, midwifery, nurse education, coaching and training to her practice and she distills this knowledge into fun and practical tips and techniques for developing resilience, delivered via 1:1 coaching and workshops.

Busy people often think they don’t have time to build and develop their resilience.  However, people who carry a weight of responsibility at work or in their personal lives, particularly when others are relying on them, are the very people who need to make sure they are maintaining their physical, emotional and mental strength in a sustainable way, i.e. through good habits and routines, positive mindset, flexible attitude, self-efficacy and confidence.  Those with a weight of responsibility for the employment, livelihood or wellbeing of others cannot carry that weight effectively without looking after themselves first.

Lisa’s resilience interventions can quite literally be life-changing for anyone who is feeling overwhelmed and unable to cope with change or challenges in life or in work.*

*Note:  Anyone who presents for coaching with a recent onset of depression, acute anxiety or severe distress will be referred to the appropriate professional.  Coaching is not a substitute for clinical treatments or therapies.

Workplace Resilience interventions available (1:1 coaching, workshops, training and lunchtime talks).  Suitable for groups such as co-workers, carers, employees, NGO service users, SMEs, healthcare teams, etc.

What past participants have said:

“I loved the workshops.  I realised I’m a lot more resilient than I thought I was.  Great toolkit going forward.  Thank you”

“Thank you.  I really enjoyed the workshop and I now know that I need to rethink/retrain my thoughts from negative to positive.  Thank you Lisa”

“From beginning to end it was excellent”.

“Was all very informative”

“Talk was excellent”

Lovely evening”

“Very good”

“Enjoyed it very much”


“Excellent talk”

“Very interesting”

“Very very good”

Please contact Lisa for more details.  CLICK HERE for a downloadable flyer.


Resilience Workshops (open to the public)

  • Get in touch with your physiological self.
  • Find your hidden resilience cornerstones.
  • Build a strong, embedded, unshakeable core of personal resilience.
  • Develop your own unique brand of life-resistant resilience.
  • Triumph over whatever situations you may face.

Half day and full day workshops.

To find out next available dates please contact Lisa.


Stay Calm and Rock That Exam! – Talk

This is a talk for exam students to help them:
– discover their own unique learning styles,
– create study plans that honour their learning styles,
– enhance their time management skills,
– focus more efficiently,
– maintain physical and mental health,
– develop resilience before exams,
– manage panic and stress on the day of the exam.

To discuss please contact Lisa.