Resilience and Confidence for Nurses – Workshop

Resilience and Confidence for Nurses.

Resilience refers to the ability to successfully adapt to stressors, maintaining psychological well-being in the face of adversity.

Most people will experience major adversity a few times during their lifetime. Many nurses encounter challenges on a similar level several times each working day, whether professionally during life or death decision making, or through caring for those experiencing health traumas. For some this stress stimulates learning and strengthening of character; for others it leads to exhaustion and burnout. Resilience is often the differentiating factor. Studies have shown that nurses who have high levels of resilience are less likely to develop stress disorders and more likely to remain in the profession as healthy nurses.

During this workshop you will:
Explore what resilience is and why it means something different to each of us.
Identify the causes and effects of stress, particularly as they relate to frontline staff.
Learn the essential Cornerstones and Pillars of a resilient life, and identify what is working for you vs what needs attention.
Create a personalised resilience blueprint,with micro-resilience ‘anchors’ – small changes that can be implemented immediately and will have noticeable results on your energy.
Develop a positive mindset that you will take away with you, based on your strengths and new insights discovered during the day.

You will also hear from our guest speaker Maria Macklin, House of Colour Image Consultant, who specialises in helping people dress for success. She will discuss how you can be more visible, convey authority and increase your self-confidence (even for those of you who have to wear a uniform!).

Lunch and printed materials are included in the price of the workshop.

BONUS: Attendees will also get FREE ACCESS for one year to our Resilience Hub for Nurses and Midwives (usual cost €75), which is an online self-directed suite of exercises and videos, including a Resilience Recovery Room – your first port of call when you have had a particularly tough shift.

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Looking forward to seeing you there!

Resilience Coach and Trainer.

Don’t just survive life – THRIVE every day.

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