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Now, more than ever before, the world needs real leaders in every part of society, every corner of the world, every community, every office, every living room.  I believe there are natural leaders in all of these places but they often:

a) Don’t see themselves as leaders, or

b) have an idea that they want to make the world a better place but don’t know how to do that, they don’t know the actions or behaviours that would move things forward.

Most people have not had any structured leadership development training.  I see gaps in the availability of leadership development and mentoring for everyone, including employees, business owners, professionals who aren’t working in big companies, community leaders and families.

I see gaps that could be filled by you – whether you work behind a shop counter, or are a qualified professional; whether you are a family carer or a healthcare manager.  It is said that leaders aren’t born – they’re made.  On the other hand, it’s said that everyone is, or has the potential to be, a leader of others.

I invite you to step up into your potential as a leader and a role model for others that you don’t even realise are watching.  From a free weekly newsletter to mastermind-level growth, Aslan Coaching’s leadership growth track has something for everyone, no matter what stage you are at in your leadership journey.

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REAL Leadership
4 week programme – 7 CPD points

R.E.A.L. Leadership is a 4 module programme delivered via live webinar (1.5 hours once a week, plus approx 1 hour of preparatory and homework exercises = 7 hours in total) that will give you the tools and insights you need to be a Resilient, Empathetic and Just, Anchored Leader.

It is based on latest findings from the world of neuroscience and human physiology, along with models and theories from world-renowned thought leaders in Just Culture and Leadership.

This programme is accredited for 7 CPD points by the CPD Standards Office (Registered Provider No: 50206)

You don’t need to have gone to expensive leadership schools to be a leader in the real world.

This programme will give you structures, simple tools and habits that will support your leadership effectiveness today.

More details, next start dates and registration link HERE

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REAL Leader Masterminds

For those who have completed the 4 week R.E.A.L. Leadership programme and who wish to continue their leadership development and growth, Masterminds is a structured 6-12 month programme with monthly coaching, unlimited access to me by phone and e-mail, plus a bespoke online platform of resources that’s designed for you and only shared by you and me.

1 CPD Point earned for each hour of coaching.

Places are limited so contact Lisa if :
a) You have already completed the 4 week programme and wish to further embed the learning with one-to-one coaching support in a 6-12 month package.
b) Wish to book a place on the 4 week programme with follow-up coaching in an all-inclusive 6-12 month package.

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REAL Leaders – FB Community

This group page is sectioned in Units with the same themes as the R.E.A.L Leadership programmes above. Posts and discussions are intended to stimulate expanded thinking and to facilitate a gentle stretch into leadership narratives, mindset and behaviours.

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