REAL Leaders

Let me guess…

You’re an owner or manager of an SME or in healthcare.

You’re an expert in your area, but you’ve never had leadership training (or you’ve forgotten it).

You have many ‘shelf-help’ books. (They look nice on the shelf, don’t they?)

You subscribe to the newsletters of inspirational thought leaders, but can’t get around to reading them.

You’ve left seminars full of enthusiasm about new ways to lead but then slipped back into daily work life and old habits.

You react with emotion during conflict or crisis and later regret it. The tools and habits that would have helped you respond better are in those unread notes, books and articles.

You’ve told someone twenty times how you want something done, but they still won’t.

You make difficult decisions but worry afterwards and can’t leave work at work.

You borrow from rest time to work. You’re tired. Stressed. And irritable.

You look at other leaders who are visibly impactful and wish you had their know-how.

I turn business owners and managers into R.E.A.L. leaders.

From a free weekly newsletter to mastermind-level, Aslan Coaching’s leadership growth track has something for everyone no matter what stage you are at in your leadership journey.

What separates me from other coaches is that I’m also a qualified nurse, and I’m an accredited Coach of Excellence which means I can issue CPD points for coaching and training.

  • Unlike self-help books which end up being shelf-help,
  • Unlike once off seminars that leave you enthused for a short period of time,
  • Unlike the folders of unread articles and notes piled in the corner that you mean to read some day…

…my R.E.A.L. Leadership programmes will ensure you learn the tools and best practices of R.E.A.L. leadership, and embed them for life.

A past client told me that of all the CPD and post-graduate programmes he has done in his career, working with me was the most impactful and beneficial personal and professional development of all.

Have you hired your coach yet?

The R.E.A.L. Leadership Masterminds programme will ensure you learn the tools and best practices of R.E.A.L. leadership, and embed them for life. Choose either a six month or twelve month option and benefit from VIP access to monthly 1:1 training and coaching, plus a bespoke online resource that’s built specially for you, to help you meet your specific and measurable goals.
Earn CPD Points for your professional portfolio as you go.
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R.E.A.L. Leadership is a 4 module programme delivered via live webinar (1.5 hours once a week) that will give you the tools and insights you need to be a Resilient, Empathetic and Just, Anchored Leader. It is based on latest findings from the world of neuroscience and human physiology, along with models and theories from the fields of Just Culture and Leadership.
Accredited for 7 CPD points by the CPD Standards Office (Registered Provider No: 50206)
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The Way of the Quiet Leader” is a compilation of stories, inspirations and small steps to R.E.A.L and Quiet Leadership, wrapped up as a 12 week guide to make it easy to follow in
bite-sized chunks.

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