REAL Leadership 7 CPD points

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Now more than ever, the world needs REAL Leaders.

Not just in governments and organisations, but in workplaces and communities as well.

We can all easily identify those who are not true leaders, and those we do not want to follow. Real leaders, on the other hand, lead by example.  They imagine a better future and they inspire others by showing the way.

They replenish their own Resilience every day, so that it serves them well when there’s a crisis. When a leader is mentally strong and agile they create and hold a space of safety for others who are afraid.

They are Empathetic and just.  Their teams know that they will be treated fairly even when they have made a mistake.  (Notice that’s ‘when’ not ‘if’ they make a mistake.  We all make mistakes.  It’s a feature of being human).  They are trusted because they are trustworthy.

They have daily habits and behaviours that are Anchored in their values and that bring those values to life.

Real Leaders know that their own leadership development is a lifelong journey that like any journey includes highs and lows, twists, turns and unexpected hazards, but always progress.

You can look for a real leader to follow – and many people do that.

Or you can become a R.E.A.L. leader.  No matter what level you are at in your career or life, you have the ability to be a R.E.A.L. leader.  In fact, the rest of us need you to be a R.E.A.L. leader!

Introducing the R.E.A.L. Leadership online programme to develop you as a leader.

R.E.A.L. Leadership is a 7 hour, 4 module programme delivered via webinar once a week, plus 1 hour of preparatory and homework exercises. This programme will give you the tools and insights you need to be a Resilient, Empathetic and Just,  Anchored Leader.

It is based on latest findings from the world of neuroscience and human physiology, along with models and theories from world-renowned thought leaders in Just Culture and Leadership.  This programme is accredited for 7 CPD points.

Don’t put this off until you are older, wiser, more experienced, more qualified or [insert your own perfectly perfected procrastinations here!].

You don’t need to have gone to expensive leadership schools to be a leader in the real world.

You have everything you need already.

This programme will give you structures, simple tools and habits that will support your leadership effectiveness today.

Let me show you how you can be the leader we need in the world; not ‘some day’, but today.

By the end of this online course, delegates will:

  • Be able to assess their own level of resilience, identify gaps and know the importance of maintaining their own well-being.
  • Understand and have some practical examples of micro-resilience (tiny changes in habits and behaviours that take seconds to implement but have measurable impact on energy.
  • Know and have practised simple techniques for harnessing their own physiology to manage stress in advance and on the spot.
  • Understand the Just Culture model of fairness, learning and accountability in the workplace and in society.
  • Know the neuroscience of trust and distrust and understand how to build trust with others.
  • Know what their non-negotiable values are.
  • Know how to create and embed habits that support high performance at work.
  • Know the most common models of Leadership used worldwide, including levels and styles.
  • Understand the importance of, and how to, lead themselves first before they can lead others.
  • Know how to lead in a crisis.

To register your interest in future dates of this programme, or to discuss it further, please contact Lisa. You can do this via our Contact Page – please put ‘REAL Leadership‘ in the subject line. Alternatively you can leave a voicemail at +353 (0)42 969 2403 and we will set up a call.

Ready to go ahead? If you are ready to go ahead, click HERE to go to Eventbrite’s secure registration page to select your preferred dates and reserve your place.  You will receive a personal e-mail from me (yes, from me, not automated!) within two business working days. This will include pre-joining instructions and the link to join the webinar on your chosen start date.

If you need a VAT receipt please let me know.

Refund Policy

I am confident that this programme will meet and exceed your expectations, but if after the first module you feel it does not, you can request a refund of cost of the remainder of the programme by e-mailing me.

Looking forward to seeing you on the webinar!


What past participants have said:

I completed the 4 week R.E.A.L Leadership course in September 2020.

The course was engaging, relevant and practical. It asked questions of your mindset and values.

As a potential employer in the near future, it made me consider the type of leader I want to be. It emphasised what I need to work on and improve.

There was a small bit of homework which helped engage you for the following week.

Lisa Nolan delivered the course. Lisa was always friendly and encouraging. Her knowledge on the subject is second to none.

I took a lot from this course and I would highly recommend it to all my family, friends, colleagues, and clients.

Thanks again for a great course Lisa.”

Emmet Colleran