Private Facebook Group

All Nurses and Midwives are invited to join the “Resilience and Leadership for Nurses and Midwives” private Facebook Group.

This group is for nurses and midwives and it aims to help them learn how to enhance their resilience and develop their leadership skills, by learning from me and from each other, but most importantly by discovering previously hidden strengths within themselves.

The group is managed using a coaching approach, therefore the emphasis is better futures, positive results and outcomes, increasing self-awareness, growing and learning from challenges faced in work and in life.

While staff shortages and adverse Ts and Cs are challenges faced daily by HCPs, this group is not the forum for issues that are best dealt with unions or other agencies that are more appropriately qualified to advise.

This group is a safe space to explore the hidden gems, unique gifts and inner strengths you have. You encounter more emotionally stormy conditions than most during the course of your work. This group is a harbour to retreat to during storms, a place to refuel and gather what’s needed to set sail again.

Your work may be physically and emotionally draining, but you have everything you need within you to flourish and prosper, and this group aims to open those doors for you because you are so important. Yours is the kind face and comforting arm when we’re told that our antenatal scan shows a still heart. You are the angel who gives pain relief to our child within 3 minutes of arriving at the A&E with a fracture. You are the gentle one who made our terminally ill parent comfortable. You are precious to us in those moments, and even more treasured by your families. We need you to stay strong, safe, healthy and resilient. We need you to look after yourself first so that you can then look after us.

What you can expect from this group:
√ Actionable tips to enhance resilience and clinical leadership.
√ Access to the coaching techniques used by Executive Coaches worldwide, curated and tailored to your unique needs.
√ Nudges and challenges, with accountability checks – to help you make progress on making real and lasting changes in your life, your mindset and your outlook.
√ Queries will be answered personally by me as soon as possible, normally within hours.
√ Opportunity to guide and mentor others in this group if you can. Don’t be afraid or hold back waiting for me to respond if you see a question you could answer!
√ Other helpful tools such as Qs and As, Facebook Lives etc. as often as I can.

CLICK HERE to send a request to join.  

Looking forward to connecting with you there!

Best wishes,