Practice Nursing as a Career

Practice Nursing as a Career – Workshop

Co-hosted by Lisa Nolan & Jane Campion

This workshop can be delivered to groups of minimum 10 participants.

The aim of the workshop: Participants will be able to make an informed decision regarding Practice Nursing as a suitable career option.


Programme content:

Practice Nursing
• Explore the role of the Practice Nurse
• Recognise the necessary qualifications and skills needed to become a Practice Nurse
• Develop an understanding of the structure of Primary Care and a team approach
• Explore educational options and career progression
• Gain a knowledge of the job market and learn where to find job vacancies
• Learn where to get more information

• To answer practical queries about the nature of employment as a Practice Nurse.
• Consider the impact of moving from public service to private employment on issues such as pensions and other employment conditions. A representative from Cornmarket will be available for questions & answers.
• Learn about supports available

• Explore the range of clinical nursing care, and extended nursing roles, provided by Practice Nurses in general practices in Ireland today.
• Have a knowledge of the day to day responsibilities of the Practice Nurse
• Understand the importance of working within your scope of practice

Life/Career choices
• Using proven coaching models explore your personal values, motivations and life purpose; what is driving a need for change; whether a move to a new role will bring fulfilment or not,
• Understand what needs to happen and what further information needs to be considered before making an informed decision.
• Explore own skills, personal characteristics, values and behaviours and how they may complement Practice Nursing
• Develop the confidence and assertiveness skills needed for job applications and job interviews.

*Please note: The following points should be noted before attending these workshops:
a) You should have worked in clinical nursing practice within the last 5 years. It is strongly recommended by NMBI that anyone who has not worked in clinical practice for more than 5 years should complete a Back To Nursing course before taking up any nursing role.
b) You should be on the Active RGN register in the NMBI. Nurses who are listed on other registers in NMBI may have limited or restricted scope of practice within a Practice Nurse role.
If you don’t meet criteria a) and b) above you are still very welcome to attend this workshop if you think it will help inform a decision to pursue a career in Practice Nursing in the future bearing in mind that you may need to complete a Back to Nursing course or other qualifications prior to pursuing a career in Practice Nursing.

Lisa Nolan is Director of Aslan VA and Coaching Ltd. She is a qualified nurse, midwife and coach. She has worked as a Practice Nurse and was Administrator for the Irish Practice Nurses Association for 13 years.

Jane Campion is Director of HealthCare Minds LtdShe is a trainer and practising Registered General Nurse with Masters in Health Sciences (Primary Care). Jane has extensive experience in Practice Nursing.

Feedback from participants previous workshops:

Really enjoyed the day, so much relevant information.  Made me realise it is an area I am interested in and would like to venture into.  Loved the ‘knowing your value’ part of the day.”

“Very honest approach to life changing career move.  Nothing was left unanswered.”

“Very informative, relaxed presentations, giving clear and concise details into life as a Practice Nurse.  Enjoyed the day.”

“Makes you aware of your self-worth.  You can achieve any goals when you have the knowledge.”

“Two highly experienced facilitators, information session, the realities and choices that are open to me.  Opened my eyes and I feel after the day I’ve gained confidence and know my value.  Thank you.”

“Very informative, practical, approachable facilitators.  Lisa and Jane couldn’t have been more helpful.”

“Excellent course.  Very good introduction to Practice Nursing.  I found it very informative as previous knowledge was very vague and generalised.  Thank you for the ‘springboard’

Really enjoyed the day, thank you.”

Plenty of advice and materials given.  Very relaxed and informative

Very informative and worthwhile course

Focused me to go for it and gave me the confidence I needed

If you have been thinking of moving to Practice Nursing, this is a unique opportunity to get all the facts and information you need.  Don’t spend any longer wondering!

Contact us to express your interest in future workshops.