Nurses and Midwives

Helping you to look after yourself, so that you can look after them.

If you are working as a nurse or midwife at the moment I know that some of the biggest challenges you face are overwhelm with workload at work and chronic distress from dealing with illness and loss on an ongoing basis.

As a fellow nurse and midwife, I know first-hand how overwhelmingly stressful your role is and the extraordinary level of responsibility you have.  As a coach and trainer, I am committed to helping you to develop the resilience you need in order to recover from your work-related stress so that you will thrive and be happy.

I have a vast toolkit of coaching techniques, knowledge and amazing insights from the fields of leadership development and neuroscience that I bring to my practice for your benefit.  These techniques are used all over the world and are based on sound research.  (I know how important that is to you!).

At the beginning of every flight we are instructed to put our own oxygen mask on first before attending to those travelling with us who are more vulnerable.  If you have people who rely on you, it is not just your right to practise self-care – it is your responsibility.

If you would like me to deliver a talk on resilience to you and your colleagues at work please contact me any time.  In the meantime, I invite you to join my private Facebook group – Resilience and Leadership for Nurses and Midwives.