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New! “The Resilience Hub” – Online Resilience Training For Everyone

I am delighted to announce the launch of my new online resilience training platform – “The Resilience Hub” 

This membership-based site is the next best thing to having your own resilience trainer.  There is a free version (see the ‘free trial’ option on the site).  For a limited time after the launch of the site there will be an option to access the whole dashboard for just €49 for one year – that’s less than €1 per week to get full access to my signature resilience frameworks, with new resources added regularly to your dashboard.  

As a Resilience Coach and Trainer I work with people from all walks of life who are overwhelmed with responsibilities and sometimes very ‘busy’ burning out.  I help them manage their stress, harness their strengths and build resilience so they can easily handle the challenges of life and work. 

No matter what’s going on for you, it is possible to achieve some balance and equilibrium in your life, but it will require some thought, focus, planning and then constant vigilance on your part.

Because change is not easy and habits are often very well cemented into our lives, this membership-based platform aims to give you plenty of resources in lots of different formats, so that you can access what you need when you need it, and you can dip in and out whenever you like.  The resources are categorised to help you zone in on specific tips or tools that will help you manage whatever your current challenge is.

Resilience is something that we all have, whether we realise it or not! But it’s like a muscle – if we work consistently in small doses to strengthen it, it will serve us better when we really need it.

If you have people who depend on you, whether that’s family, employees, colleagues or investors, it’s not just your right to look after yourself, it’s your responsibility so that you can continue to do the work you need to, but in a sustainable way so that you not only avoid becoming overburdened or burned out, but also so that YOU thrive every day, enjoying your life and reaping the benefits of your work, whatever that looks like for you.

By signing up you will also automatically receive our weekly newsletter with tips and reminders to keep you on track and embed the  new habits that will make a big difference to your energy and grit.


You can book a 1-2-1 coaching session with me any time from your dashboard if the need arises.  Feedback is always welcome so please let me know  if you have any suggestions for this site.  

I look forward to helping you thrive!