Workplace Resilience

Companies that offer training to their employees see a 22% increase in productivity, but when combined with coaching that figure rises to 88%.  

Numerous studies around the world have shown that managers see a return on investment of 6-7 times the cost of coaching.

The world we live in is picking up speed and pace daily.  Our common reactions to this are based on physiology from our ancestors who faced different forms of stress.  However, it is possible for us to harness our physiology and use it to help us manage the common challenges of today. Lisa brings her years of experience in nursing, midwifery, nurse education, coaching and training to her practice and she distills this knowledge into fun and practical tips and techniques for developing resilience, delivered via 1:1 coaching and workshops.

Benefits to employees from workplace resilience coaching include:

Better coping strategies

Flexible and Creative Hope and fulfillment

Transferable skills

Growth Mindset

Calm inner strength

Tackle challenges head on Personal Development

Job satisfaction

Effective communications

Lead teams effectively

Deeper self-awareness


Benefits to companies who invest in resilience interventions for their employees include:

More flexible with a positive approach to change

Improved performance

Reduced burnout, sick leave and staff turnover

Increased loyalty and motivation to excel.

Positive mindsets
and a ‘can do’ attitude

Creative problem-solving.

Employees feel empowered

Future leaders born

A culture of learning


Adversity has the effect of eliciting talents, which in prosperous circumstances would have lain dormant.”  – Horace