Get Clarity

Are you…

  • Fed up making plans that never come to fruition?

  • Stuck in a rut and not sure how to change that?

  • Feeling that life is passing you by too fast and that you aren’t getting around to doing the things you want?


Then signing up for a Clarity Session with Lisa will be the moment when all of this changes for you.

Your Clarity Session is a chance to
  • Stop and step off the treadmill,

  • Take time out of your life to look at it strategically.  Review it as it is now.

  • Refocus, identify what your ideal life looks like, create a a real vision based on solid foundations that will keep you steady no matter what life throws at you.

  • Create S.M.A.R.T. goals and make concrete plans to get you there.

Here is how this programme will help you:
  1. Through one to one coaching, and using proven coaching processes, tools and evidence-based neuroscience, you will discover what is really important to you.  Many people are astonished to learn that what actually matters to them is not what they initially thought.  Coaching gives people deep insights into their heart and soul that are not accessible through other methods of learning.

  2. The ‘pillars’ of your life are identified so that they become the cornerstones of a new life where you live your purpose every day.

  3. By the end of this session you will have a clear vision of your ideal future with a step by step plan to actually make it happen.

What you get

3 hour (half day) coaching session with a manual to work through.
A personalised planner to refer to over the coming year.


€500 – this includes VAT, meeting room hire if needed*, light lunch, hard copy manual to work through on the day and finalised planner by e-mail afterwards, relevant resources as needed and one follow up call at a later date to ensure action has been taken!

*other options are available and will be discussed beforehand.

How does coaching have such great results?
  1. One to one coaching is arguably the most personal, bespoke, intensive learning method there is.

  2. Coaching is about YOU.  The entire focus of a coaching session is you and your learning needs.

  3. Coaching is a safe courageous space where you are given protected quiet time to examine your life with the non-judgmental and patient support of someone who is trained to create and hold that safe space for your discoveries.  Your coach provides the physical and emotional space, and you bring the courage (just a bit, nothing unmanageable!).

  4. Far from being an idle chat, coaches are skilled at nudging or challenging you so that you progress safely through a learning process that is like a snowball at the top of a hill – the effects and results of coaching are felt long after the coaching sessions have ended.

  5. Personal learning goals set by individuals have been proven to lead to greater improvement than goals set by someone else.  Setting goals that matter takes a person from merely thinking about change to taking actions that prepare for the change to actually happen.

Interested, but would like to find out more before booking?

No problem, I completely understand and you are right to examine it further to see how this could help you.

Why not book a 30 minute Discovery Call with me by e-mailing Lisa [at] aslancoaching [dot] ie ?  It’s completely free and there is absolutely no obligation to go further if you aren’t ready.  I can also help to guide you if you are shopping around for a coach – what to look out for and questions to ask to make sure that your coach is the right person for you to work with.

Coaching is a very personal experience so it’s vital that you completely trust your coach and feel that he/she is on the same wavelength as you.

Setting personal goals that matter is the key to successful change. Knowing your purpose in life – really knowing it in your gut – is a well-signposted route for you to follow.  Once you know deep in your heart what it is that is most important to you, everything that is thrown into your intray of tasks each day is filtered through that prism.

It either passes or it doesn’t.

You either respond in a way that suits someone else, or you serve your purpose

Because you matter…

Do you spend your days running around, looking after everyone else’s needs and making sure things happen?  When is the last time you set aside time to look at your own needs and wants?  Coaching isn’t an idle luxury or only available to top executives.  There isn’t a person on the planet who wouldn’t benefit enormously from coaching.  It is a transformative process that will reap rewards for you long after the process has ended.

Aren’t you worth having a few hours dedicated to improving your life?  Setting aside a few hours over several weeks for coaching is the best gift you can give yourself, if you just give yourself the permission to do it.

This is the time to give yourself permission.  A quick no-obligation chat with me will give you a taste of what a few hours of coaching could bring to your life.


“I had a business coaching session with Lisa towards the end of last year. I haven’t had a coaching session before and didn’t know what to expect. Lisa had prepared an agenda in advance.
We started with a walk in the woods to help think creatively. And finished coming up with a plan together with actions over a coffee. 

The session was so well organized, the follow-up actions were clear with accountability built in. It’s good to step outside your every day from time to time, particularly when you have an experienced coach by your side. Lisa makes it easy and achievable. She directs, gently pushes and probes to get the best result. 

If you’re feeling stuck, are ready to move in a new direction or want new areas of growth from your business then a coaching session with Lisa at Aslan Leadership Coaching is for you.” – Maria