What Coaching Is

What coaching is:  There are numerous definitions of coaching, so here are some examples to help you to understand what it will mean to you.

Coaching is an ongoing, interactive, professional relationship designed to help the client achieve his/her desired results in their career and in life.

Coaching is the facilitation of learning and development with the purpose of improving performance and enhancing effective action, goals, achievement and personal satisfaction.  It invariably involves growth and change whether that is in perspective, attitude or behaviour – Bluckert 2006.

coaching-safe-spaceLisa’s definition: Coaching is a safe courageous space where under the guidance of an experienced, skilled, empathetic and emotionally intelligent coach, you will reach deep into your potential, drawing on your skills and unique abilities (the ones you know about and the many more you are unaware of!) and using these as the cornerstones of new developments, changes and improvements in your life.

Coaching is a truly transformative process.  It’s a proven development tool used in organisations all over the world to help people feel more resilient and able to manage the challenges of work and life more effectively.  Coaching helps people to feel more motivated and empowered, and less stressed or overwhelmed. Discovering what your drivers are, reawakening your true values and identifying your life purpose are the cornerstones of a happy and fulfilled life.  Leadership skills learned through targeted coaching are transferable to other roles, sectors and even to your personal life.

What coaching is not: Coaching is not psychotherapy, counselling, advice or mentoring. It is not a prescriptive or a quick-fix solution.  The client enters into the coaching with the full understanding that they are responsible for creating their own results.  However, as every coach knows, each person ‘is naturally creative, resourceful and whole’. (ref: Co-Active Coaching) so we know and believe you have the capacity to shine in every aspect of your life and we use proven coaching processes and tools to help you make that happen.

You will benefit from coaching if:

  • You are open to the process and trust your coach.
  • You are willing to explore, challenge and change thoughts, feelings and actions that may be self-defeating. This is sometimes a difficult process, but coaching will support you throughout so that you can take meaningful action.
  • You understand that successful coaching requires a co-active collaborative approach between the client and coach. In the coaching relationship, the coach plays the role of a facilitator of change, but it is the client’s responsibility to enact or bring about the change.

Process: The coaching process that I practise is client-centred and based on Carl Rogers’ approach which is underpinned by an unconditional positive regard for the client.  Throughout your coaching process, I will provide the safe container of a supportive coaching space for you to be free to speak, and to explore your thoughts and feelings in your own time without rush or judgement.  At the same time, when necessary I will nudge you along so that the sessions are not just an aimless chat with no progress made.  I promise to turn up at each session prepared and completely present for you and your coaching needs.  As my client you will be the centre focus of each minute of each session, and you can specify at any time particular issues you would like to be coached on and if you are not ready to discuss any issue at any time you can let me know.

Your responsibility:  Coaching will not be effective if you as the client do not commit to setting aside protected, private and uninterrupted time for each session.  If you are having phone coaching, you should ensure that the line is clear and that you are in a quiet place to take the call.

Coaching Programmes:  See the relevant pages on this website for more information about various programmes that address specific coaching needs.

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Looking forward to helping you shine!