Submarine or helicopter

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There is a term that’s used often in business management and leadership development, which is “taking the helicopter view”, first coined by the Royal Dutch Shell Company. It may also be described as “peripheral vision”, “bird’s eye view” or “clarity of purpose”. It refers to the ability of a leader to rise above the specifics […]

Resilience Role Models (4)

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Another week – another resilient role model in this themed blog series running for the month of March. Viktor Frankl is often mentioned when people are discussing resilient role models. He was a psychiatrist working in Austria when he was captured and interned in Auschwitz and other camps.  Although there is some controversy around some […]

Yes, I Will Take Pen And Paper And Write Down All That I’m Grateful For Today in my Business.

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Today’s affirmation: “Yes, I Will Take Pen And Paper And Write Down All That I’m Grateful For Today in my Business.” It’s very easy for us to focus on the negative events of today.  Imagine if we gave as much attention to the positives?  Often they are things we take for granted until they are […]

Take Charge of Your Career!

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I’m thrilled to announce that I am now licensed to provide Grace Consulting’s Career Coaching Programme that’s based on the highly acclaimed book by Dr. Corina Grace – “Take Charge of Your Career…and Find a Job You Really Love!” This is an intensive personalised #career #coaching programme to discover your true purpose and to plan […]

Leadership Development for Nurses – 10 CEUs

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The Irish healthcare system and healthcare professionals are confronted continually by workforce challenges, crucial decisions that have life or death consequences, changing patient expectations and demands, financial constraints, time pressures, issues related to quality and safety, politics and scrutiny. The importance of effective clinical leadership in addressing these demands and ensuring a high quality safe […]