How deep is your Well?

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When we wonder how we can build our resilience, it can be useful to think of resilience as a well. When the going gets tough you tap into your ‘Well of Resilience‘. If your well is deep and full – if you have effectively maintained it through focused action and attention – you will quickly return to a sense of calm and clarity. If you haven’t been refilling your well when resources were plentiful, it will quickly run dry – resulting in burnout. When your ‘Well of Resilience’ is deep and replenished, you will be supported by: A sense of calm Clarity and very clear focus on what’s important. Hope for the future Confidence and fulfilment. What happens when your ‘Well of Resilience’ is depleted? Fear Reactivity – you react to external triggers rather than responding in a measured way Impatience Negativity and resentment Overwhelm and exhaustion Anxiety or depression Disengagement What […]

When you feel least resilient, is actually when you are most…

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This is the final week of this themed series looking at resilient role models and today I’m going to suggest something a little radical. I’d like you to view yourself as your own resilient role model. We often think that others are more resilient than we are.  We look at them in awe and think “How do they keep going?”, “I could never do that”. I would like to challenge those thoughts. If you are a parent who found hidden depths of energy during period of exhaustion (night-time feeding, teething, tantrums, illness, unexpected trips to A&E) – you are resilient. If you are a carer who yearns for a break, but who keeps going nevertheless, you are resilient. If you have had to fight for the basic rights of someone you love (education, special needs assistance, psychological assessment, home care, palliative care, access to services, etc), you are resilient. If you […]

5 ways to boost brain power

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I notice a cautionary note that is often made in relation to building our resilience which is that the aim is not to build resilience so we can take on more, or do more, or squeeze more out of our day, and I completely agree with that. Many of the techniques I use in coaching and in my resilience training and talks is the importance of prioritising, cutting out the clutter from our lives, letting stuff go, realising when we have done enough, the importance of rest and recovery and how crucial it is that we factor time for rest and recovery into our days. As the saying goes, it’s about working smarter, not harder. This week the newest video in The Resilience Hub is five ways to boost our brain power. These are things we can do to optimise our brain’s performance and cognitive ability – WITHOUT getting too […]

Hopeful Activities

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One of the tools we can use to build and maintain our resilience is a set of what I call ‘Hopeful Activities’. What do I mean by ‘Hopeful Activities’? Well, these are some go-to-actions that we can do when we’re feeling stuck or even feeling a little down or challenged. In the Resilience Hub this week is a new video with some examples to help you, or even help you think of some hopeful activities of your own. If you are sick with worry about something I invite you to find at least one ‘hopeful activity’ that you can do. It creates hope. It distracts you and gives you something to focus on. Until next week, take care of yourself, Lisa

Capturing moments of gratitude

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Benjamin Disreali said “Nurture your minds with great thoughts. To believe in the heroic makes heroes.” If you make a consistent and sustained effort to think positive thoughts, and to reframe every situation in a positive light, you can retrain your brain over time so that positive thought processes become more natural, more of a habit and easier to do. I often talk about the value of gratitude for reframing challenging situations and making them easier to bear.  One of the most common tips (and I use this often myself as a tip and as a habit) is to keep a gratitude journal where you write regularly – preferably every day – several things that you are grateful for. I recently came across an interesting alternative, just to mix things up or if you just can’t create the habit of writing every day. There are so many apps now that […]

Look after yourself so you can look after others

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Have you spent the last few weeks running around, looking after everyone else’s needs and making things happen? When is the last time you set aside time to look at your own needs and wants? You can’t look after them until you look after yourself first. You know this makes sense! Can you put it into action though? What do you need to do, as a starter, for yourself? What action can YOU take, that isn’t dependent on the actions or will of others? We can’t control others, but we can exert (or take back!) control of our thoughts, behaviours and actions. Even though you might have multiple responsibilities, you must find space for YOU. Just one slice, every day, of what fuels your soul. Why not put one small new action in place today and then check back in with me in 7 days time (you will find me […]

The steps towards change

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In last week’s blog we looked at making preparations for change – a change in behaviour or habit – maybe something that will form part of a New Year’s Resolution. This week I’m going to introduce you to a model for behaviour change that’s used in healthcare for people who need to overhaul their lifestyle in order to achieve better health. It’s based on a formula that breaks down the steps we all take when change is needed. They are: Pre-contemplation. Contemplation. Preparation. Action. Maintenance. This model will help you to easily spot the stage where you tend to falter or fall back into old habits, and when you know where that hurdle is you can better prepare for it and ultimately be more successful at putting your new healthier or better habit in place. The model is explained in more detail in The Resilience Hub – just log in […]

Resilience is not the absence of adversity

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This is something I repeat often to my coaching clients and in #ResilienceWorkshops…   RESILIENCE IS NOT THE ABSENCE OF ADVERSITY!   Just because you are going through a challenge does not mean you are not resilient. In fact, just by getting up each day, working your way through it, wondering about the best solution, etc, you are displaying resilience. You are more resilient – and stronger – than you think. Spend any time with me in a 1:1 coaching session and I will prove it to you. Better still, you will see it yourself and believe it from within your own heart and soul.   This is something I have to remind myself of too. (Coaches are human as well – we have wobbles too!). When I remember this mantra, it’s easier to allow emotions to take their course, to wait patiently until a fearful moment has passed.   […]

Coaching Your Child in Hospital

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If you have ever had a child in A&E or a hospital ward, you will know that what they need is distraction.  Something – anything – to take their mind off the pain and the fright about what is happening to them. If you were to approach this with a ‘coaching’ hat on, your conversations with your child would be based on more questions than statements, to encourage the child to engage the creative and verbal parts of their brain.  Give your child plenty of time to find the words they need. Here is a download that just might help.  It’s quite a busy document but all the better to keep a little one amused.  It can be filled in by the child or the parent.   The aim is to help your child to build their resilience by: Focusing on familiar and fun details of their life. Helping them […]

Stay Calm and Rock that Exam

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Exam stress is often reported to be one of the biggest challenges for teenagers and young people today, although this has been the case for past generations too so it’s nothing new.  No matter what age we are or where we are in our careers, all adults remember what it was like to face big exams, especially state examinations.  However, if you are a student reading this, the stress you are feeling is new to you, and current.  You may have felt sure of yourself in other areas of your life up to now, but somehow any confidence you have felt during school terms or when doing short assignments seems to have evaporated. Do you see others in your class ‘effortlessly’ getting through exams?  Have you ever looked at someone on the TV, or on stage or at an event, speaking fluently and articulately, and thought “Wow, I wish I […]