Catch them gently

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When I was in nurse training, it was drilled into us that pain is what the patient says it is. In other words, it wasn’t for us to dismiss a patient’s pain based on our judgement of whether it was valid or not.  I find applying this principle is the ethical and right thing to […]

Do you need to say no

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If you are a quiet leader, you are probably also an affiliative leader, or have a preference for this. It’s where you sit naturally.  It’s your comfort zone. And you are really good at it! An affiliative leader seeks harmony, doesn’t really like confrontation and will do pretty much anything to avoid it.  Even if […]

Protect their focus

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Did you know that when we are interrupted during a task it takes us 40% longer to get back to the point we were at before the interruption?  Frequent interruptions are known to lead to higher rates of exhaustion, stress-induced ailments, and a doubling of error rates. Along with interruptions, multitasking is another feature of modern […]

Blame Tree or Blame Free?

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We all know what happens when we plant a seed and feed it.  Sometimes a seed is planted though and we don’t see it growing for ages.  A bamboo tree for example spends 5 years of its life embedding its roots before it ever flourishes above ground. Every time we say something or don’t say […]

Hope floats

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Do you have days when you feel despair about your financial situation.  Those days when you have too much month at the end of your paycheck, or if you are self-employed you might be worried about a quiet month with another quiet month ahead. One of my favourite films is Hope Floats, starring Sandra Bullock […]