Stay Calm and Rock that Exam
Stay Calm and Rock that Exam

Learn how to easily regain and maintain control of your emotions at exam time.

This is a short guide for exam students to help them develop inner resilience in preparation for exams.


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Critical acclaim for “Stay Calm and Rock that Exam”
This book is perfectly pitched at exam students.  It’s short enough to read in one or two sittings but is packed with spot on information and tips that have been widely shown to be effective in managing stress.  Lisa’s unique mix of knowledge from her nursing and coaching qualifications is a gift that she gives here for the benefit of stressed out exam students.  I have no hesitation in recommending this book.  If you are a student, download this to your phone and refer to it often.  If you are a parent, this is a perfect gift for you to give your child and show your support for them in the pre-exam period.  You could even try out some of the suggestions yourself along with your child as they prepare, so that Rocking that Exam could become a family affair!
Dr Corina Grace, Psychologist, Lecturer (UCD, DCU) and Director of Grace Consulting

Customer Review
I bought this book and sent it to my daughter’s Kindle app on her phone in the hope that it would help her to get a handle on her anxiety about her exams which are due to start in a few weeks. She read it over the weekend and has been trying out some of the tips, and she actually now looks and sounds more relaxed. She says she has stopped panicking about panicking! She said it made sense to her and now she feels much more in control. So thank you Lisa for this book – it has made a huge difference already for one exam student (and her mother!). I highly recommend this book for all exam students.



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