Healing Hands in a Restricted World

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If you weren’t a ‘germ-phobe’ or ‘touch-phobe’ before, you surely must be on your way now.  This pandemic has changed human behaviour faster than any Change Management Consultant could have achieved in a series of intensive workshops. Conversational small talk online or across a street now follows the same agenda; how scary it is for those who are ill, how tragic for those who have died and how desperately sad for families deprived of centuries old rituals around grief.  Chit-chat about the inconvenience for a generally well and productive workforce is always quickly validated by our common goal; to save lives on a global scale, immediately. The life or death options are easy to see.  What’s less visible is the impact, now gathering attention, on our mental wellbeing. I see worrying signs already, with a general sadness underneath the stoicism.  I know one ritual that could prevent much of it, […]

Who is in charge?

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This week saw a prominent leader admitted to ICU.  This followed a 2 week period that saw him first diagnosed with Covid-19 and then self-isolate.  Explaining that his ‘only’ symptom was a fever, he continued to work. After his symptoms did not improve he was admitted to hospital.  He continued to work. Still his condition did not improve and he was transferred to ICU. We’re told he didn’t need to be ventilated.  There is less information about whether he was still working or not! The latest word is that he has been transferred back to the ward which hopefully signifies an improvement in his condition, finally. I wish him a full and speedy recovery.  However, as a leadership coach watching from afar, I think if I was his coach I would have worried that he didn’t prepare two things. In my opinion: He should have taken sick leave from the outset. Graveyards […]

Lost your structure? Regain it here

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In ‘peace times’ I help busy people build their confidence, leadership skills and resilience so they can achieve success without burning out. I’m expecting a lot of burnout over the coming weeks and months. I’m hearing about the difficulties for managers who are stuck at home, still have to work and be productive, and are home-schooling and caring for children as well. I have been working from home for over 18 years; I’ve managed two of my own businesses, several other businesses and a charity group, all while raising children.  Not only do I now have the coaching skills to help people find their best solutions in time management, but I guarantee I have all the t-shirts from every challenge people are currently facing! There was ONE core habit that made working from home a success, and to this day when I find I’m losing control of my days and […]

Resilient Leadership in a Crisis

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I’ve written before that all of us are leaders in one way or another.  We are leaders in our workplaces, within our family and in our communities.  The seismic shock of recent weeks has left many (who were previously strong, confident leaders) feeling lost, under-confident and still finding their feet in quicksand. My coaching practice has now moved totally online, and the issues presented to me by clients have moved from a wide variety to one common theme:  ‘How do I lead myself and others through this crisis?‘ This week I thought I’d best serve you by summarising some nuggets of wisdom from an article published in the New York Times this week.  It was written by a former Army General and a former Navy Seal based on their experiences of leading through 9/11. They suggest four behaviours you can focus on.  They are easy to do and applicable for all who lead others (staff, […]

3 steps to calm during chaos

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“We are where we are.” Was there ever a more comforting statement… It reminds us to live in the present moment – not ruminating on the past or fretting about the future.  Both are fruitless, energy-consuming activities. During chaos, moving into a state of presence is a retreat for a frantic and disordered mind. If you are not practised in mindfulness or meditation, try these simple steps: Take one deep breath and then allow your breathing to return to where it wants to be, effortlessly. Feel the ground under your feet. How would you describe it? What date is this? What day of the week?  What season?  What is nature doing to signal the season?  Can you hear birds?  Is it brighter at this time of day? Are flowers growing? This is not airy-fairy stuff.  The science behind it is solid. Mindfulness, meditation and just plain ‘slowing down’ works because […]

Covid-19 Self Isolation and Lockdown: Resilience Coaching and Training Options

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Build personal resilience / Leadership in a crisis Online 1:1 Coaching via Zoom or phone 1 hour               €100* 1.5 hours          €150* Contact Lisa to arrange a call first to discuss. Resilient Leadership (bespoke structured programme designed for each individual, 14 modules to choose from) 1:1 online coaching (1.5 hours) plus bespoke online resource platform built for you. €200* per month Contact Lisa to arrange a call first to discuss. The Resilience Hub 150 bite-sized online resilience tips and techniques via video, articles and downloadable exercises. Dip in and out as needed. Access to full dashboard for 12 months. €37.50* (half price during Covid-19 lockdown) Free version available too. Visit our Facebook page Free tips on building resilience. ‘Like’ or ‘Follow’ and set notifications to ‘See First’ to ensure you don’t miss any in your feed. Payment options: One4All Vouchers (payable via Stripe invoice by […]

Peace during a Pandemic

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13.3.20 I get it: Covid-19, its effect on our peace of mind and day to day life is awful and seems to be getting worse by the hour. I’ll get straight to it: while I mostly coach individuals on building their personal resilience, I also help business owners make sure their businesses are resilient. For business owners who are understandably concerned about the economic implications of Covid-19, I suggest asking yourself three powerful questions: 1) What have I been through before that was similar?  (e.g. foot and mouth, Brexit, financial crash, SARS, H1N1, add your own here).  You’ve managed before, you can do it again. 2) What is this teaching me? A powerful question that I mentioned in a recent post. It can stop a panic spiral in its tracks and enable real insight into what’s really going on from a macro-perspective. 3) Is there an opportunity for me here? For example: Is there an opportunity […]

Tired of caring?

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There are many issues that can be brought to coaching. One that I am seeing a lot of recently is burnout caused by compassion fatigue.  This is a type of exhaustion and a reduced ability to empathize or feel compassion for others. It happens to people in caring professions because they are exposed to the sharp end of life every day at work.  They walk in the shoes of person who is suffering in order to understand what that person’s needs are.  As a result they endure what’s known as vicarious trauma. It happens to healthcare professionals, teachers, school principals and others.  It can happen to family carers too.  It’s very upsetting for them because they are naturally compassionate people.  Any difficulty they have with empathising feels like they are not themselves.  They start to doubt their ‘goodness’ – probably something they thrived on before. If you are in this […]

The worst ‘leader’ in a crisis

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When I was a student midwife, I found myself one day in a room with seven other healthcare professionals, working furiously to save the life of a woman who had just given birth, but was now haemorrhaging. Everyone was working quietly (to reassure the woman and her husband) but fast.  There was perfect teamwork; each had their own role in the emergency.  My role was to prepare an IV solution of the drug that was our best hope for regaining control, Syntometrine.  The seconds were flying by and I didn’t want to cause any delay.  The atmosphere in the room was soaked in the urgency of the moment. My hands started to shake so I focused more on what I was doing; consciously, intentionally and carefully drawing on the needle to produce the perfect solution with no air in the syringe. What happened then was possibly the worst example of […]

Everything going wrong?

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You know those days, sometimes weeks, when everything seems to go wrong, fall, drop or break? Things that are usually embedded as habits and memories, just fall out of your head.  You forget important stuff you have had on your mind for ages beforehand.  Time moves faster unexpectedly and you find yourself late, and can’t believe how it happened?  You notice that things just aren’t panning out as they should. It can feel very disorientating.  You doubt your memory, your organisational skills or even your sanity. There are some perfectly logical explanations for this.  There is also one question that makes it all seem better and more manageable. Possible explanations: You are overtired or sleep deprived. You have been depriving your brain of the nutrients, hydration or oxygen it needs. You have said ‘Yes’ too many times instead of ‘No’ or ‘Wait’ You need to update your systems and habits […]