Maybe now is not the time…

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Recently I was speaking to a client who had a big decision to make. She summarised perfectly what happens to most of us when we find ourselves at a crossroads in life. On the days when she is well-rested and has energy, she is enthusiastic and ready to make the leap. But on days when […]

Coming soon – Restorative Circles

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***Seeking input and feedback for planned Restorative Circles for HCPs*** If you are a nurse, doctor or pharmacist who has ever been unintentionally involved in a medication or medical error at work, I want to hear from you. I’m doing some background research, focus groups and plans for pilot Restorative Circles on this issue. If […]

What has been passed down?

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Researchers have discovered evidence of the life experiences of our predecessors in the DNA of our cells. Here’s the science bit… “This is the process of epigenetics, where the readability, or expression, of genes is modified without changing the DNA code itself. Tiny chemical tags are added to or removed from our DNA in response to […]

Blame Tree or Blame Free?

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We all know what happens when we plant a seed and feed it.  Sometimes a seed is planted though and we don’t see it growing for ages.  A bamboo tree for example spends 5 years of its life embedding its roots before it ever flourishes above ground. Every time we say something or don’t say […]

What is challenging you right now?

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Survey results You answered, I listened! Did you know that professionally trained coaches are trained to listen in 14 different ways during a coaching conversation? Just an aside… Recently I asked my newsletter readers and my wider network for insights and inputs via online survey about what is challenging people right now. Many answered for […]

Kingfisher out of the ark

After the flood

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Happy New Year.  I really mean that!  No-one deserves a happy and successful 2021 more than you after what 2020 has put you through.  But you made it to this point and I am extremely grateful for that and for you. It’s looking hopeful (and more possible) that this time next year we will be […]

Allow your wings to unfurl

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Have you ever heard of the process a butterfly has to go through to get out of its cocoon? They struggle.  A lot.  People (particularly children) who might see this are tempted to help. However, the butterfly must go through the struggle alone because the physical effort needed to break the seal and wriggle free […]

Switching ‘Set Mind’ to +Mindset

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Do you find it difficult sometimes to maintain a positive mindset? Does it seem a bit fluffy, as if it’s something lucky people have, because – well, why wouldn’t they have a positive mindset?!  Everything is going well for them! Aside from the undeniable research in neuroscience about the universal benefits of maintaining a calm […]