Resolutions – Motivation vs Commitment

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Everyone is talking about New Year’s resolutions – do you make them or have you given up making them because it just annoys you more that you don’t or can’t follow through? The problem with making a quick resolution in your head on foot of a sudden motivation is that those impulses are fleeting and often triggered by an external stimulus, e.g. you are aware that you have eaten more sugar than you should have over the holidays and now you are bombarded with images of shiny fit muscular models in summer clothes and for a brief moment you think ‘I’d like to be that fit and toned’. Motivation is quite distinct from commitment.  Motivation is fleeting.  You may be motivated to set your alarm earlier tomorrow with the intention of going out running ‘in the brisk air before everyone else is up’ (sounds nice doesn’t it?!), whereas commitment is […]

Leadership Development for Nurses – 10 CEUs

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The Irish healthcare system and healthcare professionals are confronted continually by workforce challenges, crucial decisions that have life or death consequences, changing patient expectations and demands, financial constraints, time pressures, issues related to quality and safety, politics and scrutiny. The importance of effective clinical leadership in addressing these demands and ensuring a high quality safe healthcare system has been proven through research, reiterated by thought leaders and healthcare professionals alike and cited in government reports in many countries. The HSE encourages staff members to seek coaching because Professional Coaching brings many benefits; fresh perspectives on personal challenges, enhanced decision-making skills, greater interpersonal effectiveness, and increased confidence. History books and records are littered with biographies of the heroes of nursing; nurses whose leadership changed their world and ours by extension.  From the midwives who attended royalty across Europe in the 14th Century, to the many who were burned at the stake […]

What can Parenting Coaching do for me?

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I’m often asked, what is involved in parenting coaching? What would parents gain from coaching? My response is that it is rich ground for coaching. We generally plan out every part of our lives in one way or another; our education, learning how to drive, buying a house, going on holiday. But how many people plan the parenting of their children? How many parents actually take the time to think about what their goals are in parenting, or what they hope to achieve in the twenty-something years they spend raising children to adulthood? Add to this the fact that much of a parent’s hectic life involves reacting to situations. Fire-fighting, winging it and thinking on their feet are the usual modus operandi. It is often said that children don’t come with a handbook, but in reality how could anyone write a one-size-fits-all book for parents? It would be almost impossible […]