Do you need to say no

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If you are a quiet leader, you are probably also an affiliative leader, or have a preference for this. It’s where you sit naturally.  It’s your comfort zone. And you are really good at it! An affiliative leader seeks harmony, doesn’t really like confrontation and will do pretty much anything to avoid it.  Even if […]

Magic is afoot

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As a professional coach, one of the tools of my trade is the powerful question. For coaches, the thoughtful silence triggered by a question is affirmation that it was indeed powerful. It sounds easier than it is, but as a leader it could be one of your most powerful tools too, so let me explain what […]

Protect their focus

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Did you know that when we are interrupted during a task it takes us 40% longer to get back to the point we were at before the interruption?  Frequent interruptions are known to lead to higher rates of exhaustion, stress-induced ailments, and a doubling of error rates. Along with interruptions, multitasking is another feature of modern […]

Quiet Leaders of all ages

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As soon as that last penalty shot missed the mark in the Euro 2020 football final, I (like millions of others) feared that there was trouble ahead for those young players. That night and the next day, they kept coming back into my mind.  I was hoping that they were being supported by the whole […]

Submarine or helicopter

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There is a term that’s used often in business management and leadership development, which is “taking the helicopter view”, first coined by the Royal Dutch Shell Company. It may also be described as “peripheral vision”, “bird’s eye view” or “clarity of purpose”. It refers to the ability of a leader to rise above the specifics […]

Maybe now is not the time…

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Recently I was speaking to a client who had a big decision to make. She summarised perfectly what happens to most of us when we find ourselves at a crossroads in life. On the days when she is well-rested and has energy, she is enthusiastic and ready to make the leap. But on days when […]