Do you sometimes wish you could revamp your life, but just can’t commit to an ongoing coaching engagement at the moment?

Why not have one powerful coaching session to reboot your life?

If you can make time for a haircut, a trip to the pub, a visit to a beauty salon or a round of golf, you can make time for this.  And if you don’t even have time for any of these, you definitely need to grab just 90 minutes for yourself because things are obviously out of kilter in your world.

For a small investment of €150 you will receive:

  • 1.5 hours coaching session in Carrickmacross or by phone. This will be a packed 90 minutes but it will be a calm and safe space for you at the same time.  I will make every minute count and you will come away from the call with a clearer head, a more focused view of your life and a definite insight into what needs to change to make things better.
  • Additional post-session bonus material: Resources hand-picked for you according to what’s discussed in our session will be sent afterwards by e-mail to keep for future use and reference.
  • Accountability check-in: This is a check in at a later date as agreed to help you take the action steps identified in your session.  It’s not a judgement check!  It’s a valuable tool for helping you avoid procrastinating or talking yourself out of taking action.

To chat more or to book your session please contact me here.

What you do every day counts because you are giving up a whole day of your life for it.  Do you still want to be doing the same things next week, next month or next year?  The sooner you review your life properly with a qualified coach the sooner your new and better days can start.