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Confidence Inside and Out

Are you a HR Director or Manager who wants to offer your team a workshop which combines feeling good on the inside with looking good on the outside? 

In the first workshop of its kind in Ireland, Lisa Nolan, Resilience and Leadership Coach and Maria Macklin, Image Consultant have collaborated to explore the importance of knowing how to align inner and outer confidence.

From Lisa your teams will learn the importance of being able to access their best selves every day. They will discover that harnessing resilience will allow them to thrive rather than just survive. Being able to practice and understand how to use their leadership skills when they need them is key to unlocking their potential.

From Maria, your teams will see the fundamental role their appearance plays in their relationship to themselves, how others relate to them and the results they achieve.  Being visibly consistent and authentic is empowering.

During this workshop, Lisa and Maria will help your teams appreciate the value of connecting who they are on the inside with how they appear on the outside authentically and investing in themselves so they can access this every day; it’s fundamental to their confidence and ultimate success.  These are lifelong skills which enable them to fulfil their potential and ride the ‘winds of change’ gracefully.

We can deliver either a 2 hour or a 1 hour workshop.

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Lisa Nolan, Aslan Coaching

I am an Executive Coach with special interests in resilience and leadership.  Originally a nurse and midwife, I have worked in a diverse range of healthcare settings including street clinics in Calcutta, private hospitals in London, general practice and nurse education, before undertaking a Diploma in Coaching.  I help my clients harness their strengths, manage stress and develop resilience using proven techniques based on neuroscience and human physiology, so that new and improved habits are embedded and last long after the coaching intervention is completed.  I designed and developed three nurse leadership programmes that have been accredited for CEUs by the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland.  I believe that every client is naturally creative, resourceful and whole (Co-Active Coaching). I also believe that each person on this planet is a gift to the rest of us and that individual uniqueness should be encouraged and celebrated.

Maria Macklin, House of Colour

I am an award winning Image Consultant with House of Colour who helps people to flourish.  For 16 years I worked in various roles for a multinational, professional services company where, through marketing, I helped unlock the potential of brands, products and services; yet for much of that time, I felt invisible.  The day I heard about House of Colour was the day I learnt how to transform myself and almost immediately began earning promotions. By the time I was a senior marketing manager I knew I wanted to help others access those incredible insights. I believe having the secret to confidence in ourselves inside and out is transformative, and available to everyone; it lies in people knowing who you are, valuing yourself, feeling valued and showing that to the world.  Through training, positive encouragement and structure, I support people so they too can flourish – it’s no less than we all deserve.

House of Colour, the world leading group in Image for Personal Brand, provide the foundation for my ongoing commitment to growth through training and development.   A certified provider of training excellence, House of Colour are the only Image Consulting business to hold the Investors in People Gold Level award for services to clients.  

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