Have you ever stopped to plan your parenting?

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Are you a parent?   Have you ever stopped to consider what your parenting goals are?   We plan short journeys in the car, and yet we rarely, if ever, stop to think about how we want our children to be raised; what values we want to instill in them, what behaviours we want to role model for them, and equally important, what behaviours do we not want them to pick up!   Why not take time out of the hurly-burly of life to reflect and consider the big picture of your parenting. Get a paper and pen and sit down with your co-parent (or on your own if that’s the case, and if you are not a parent you could be the coach for your friends and relatives who are – they will love you for this!) and…   > give yourself the opportunity to discover your hidden parenting […]

How long did you celebrate your last success?

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How long did you celebrate your last big success? An hour?  A day? With the demands of modern life we tend to quickly acknowledge a success and then move on to the next challenge, sometimes barely noticing what we have achieved. A large part of success comes down to your mindset – so how can you have a success mindset if you always suppress joy when something goes right? The time we spend celebrating success should be in proportion to the time we worked for it. Think about a young person who completes a four-year degree in college.  They celebrate for a night, maybe two.  Then on to the next thing.  After four years of work this is not enough joy! Sitting in our joy for as long as we can releases health-enhancing happy hormones and endorphins which help to protect us from cancer, heart disease and other stress-related illnesses. […]

Resilience Role Models (4)

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Another week – another resilient role model in this themed blog series running for the month of March. Viktor Frankl is often mentioned when people are discussing resilient role models. He was a psychiatrist working in Austria when he was captured and interned in Auschwitz and other camps.  Although there is some controversy around some of the clinical interventions he had been involved in, it is to our great benefit that he survived the almost unsurvivable and that he explained so eloquently his observations of his reactions, and the reactions of fellow inmates, in the face of unimaginable adversity. He was struck by the difference between those who survived their time in the camp and those who didn’t, and ultimately he identified the will to survive and positive hopeful mindset as the crucial factor.  This in itself is also a point of debate with many experts critical of suggestion or […]

**Special Offer** Upgrade to full Resilience Hub and get 1 phone coaching session

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******SPECIAL OFFER******   Upgrade to the full Resilience Hub at the introductory rate while it’s still available and get a complementary phone coaching session.   Access to the entire dashboard of the Resilience Hub is currently available at an introductory rate of €49. From 1st February 2019 the full rate of €97 will apply.   However, the FIRST TEN people who upgrade from the free version to the paid version at the lower rate of €49 before 31st January will also receive a one hour complementary coaching session with me by phone.   By the way, you can use your coaching session to work through any issue, not just resilience – so if you have a life issue, are thinking of a career change or move, would like to work on your leadership style, build your confidence, silence your inner critic for-ev-er, or whatever is bugging you at the moment, […]

Hope floats

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Do you have days when you feel despair about your financial situation.  Those days when you have too much month at the end of your paycheck, or if you are self-employed you might be worried about a quiet month with another quiet month ahead. One of my favourite films is Hope Floats, starring Sandra Bullock and Harry Connick Jr.  I love it because it’s a gentle film with insightful moments, particularly Sandra Bullock’s narrative at the end about allowing time for hope to float to the surface. Yes, if we are generally well physically, emotionally and mentally, hope usually does float to the surface, but you can also nudge it along, getting it to surface faster so that you feel better quickly. In the Resilience Hub this week is a video with 6 things you can do right now (that won’t cost you any money) to help hope float for […]

Business Coaches know the best business tools!

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After I was a nurse and midwife, and before I became a coach, I was a VA (virtual assistant), so suffice to say that I know, and use, some of the best tools and software! These* are some of my favourites. Awesome Marketing Planner by The Girls Mean Business Click here to view my short video on why I love this! ; Powered by Mailchimp “Marketing automation for e-commerce businesses. Send beautiful emails, connect your e-commerce store, advertise, and build your brand.”  Simple to use, effective, creative, and free until you have really built up a significant subscriber list.  GDPR compliance options too. Thinkific “The online course platform you can trust with your business”.  Easy peasy to use, very quick to upload training content and lots of support and training to help newbies. Acuity Scheduling “Acuity Scheduling is your online assistant, working 24/7 to fill your schedule.”  The free version has more […]

Yes, I Will Take Pen And Paper And Write Down All That I’m Grateful For Today in my Business.

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Today’s affirmation: “Yes, I Will Take Pen And Paper And Write Down All That I’m Grateful For Today in my Business.” It’s very easy for us to focus on the negative events of today.  Imagine if we gave as much attention to the positives?  Often they are things we take for granted until they are gone.  Writing down what you are grateful for is a real eye-opener and is guaranteed to lift your spirits.  It’s usually a long list, so make sure the page is big and your pen is full of ink!  Even when we having a tough time it’s a long list if we are truly honest with ourselves. Lisa #BusinessCoaching #ResilienceForBusinessOwners P.S. You are invited to join me in the One Goal Challenge below. http://www.OneGoalChallenge.com #1GoalChallenge #2018BusinessGoals #FriendsInBusiness

Do you need to comfort yourself?

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Some people love all things Christmas.  They can’t wait until it’s ‘acceptable’ to put up decorations, switch on the lights and root out their favourite Christmas playlists. It’s a tricky time of year for others.  Even for those who are in the first camp, the absence of loved ones can be all the more bitter, like a proportional mirror to the heightened joy. For others (many others), he forced joviality, the monumental materialism and external expectations that result in [more] debt mean it is a season to be endured. If you are scheduled to work – and to be away from your families – over Christmas, you might be looking forward to work with a Christmas twist (maybe slightly quieter, or at least with some fun injected into the daily stress) or you might really be wishing the days away. My experience of working on the frontline over Christmas was […]

When you cannot control what is happening

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When you can’t control what’s happening, learn to control how you respond.  That’s your power. Most of our responses are primal.  We are operating with the same physiological tools that our caveman ancestors had, but we have very different ‘threats’, so our responses are often not appropriate or they are out of proportion to the initial trigger. The first step in learning to manage how we respond to things is to increase our self-awareness.  Notice when your body and mind are switching to high alert.  Notice in great detail what is happening.  Do something to stop the spiral.  This can be to say ‘stop’ out loud, or think it loudly, or put our hand up in a stop signal, or snap an elastic band on our wrist, or put both hands firmly on a table as if you are taking control of an unruly meeting. Then actively engage your thinking […]

Take Charge of Your Career!

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I’m thrilled to announce that I am now licensed to provide Grace Consulting’s Career Coaching Programme that’s based on the highly acclaimed book by Dr. Corina Grace – “Take Charge of Your Career…and Find a Job You Really Love!” This is an intensive personalised #career #coaching programme to discover your true purpose and to plan a rewarding and successful future. There are 3 versions of the programme so there is something to suit all needs and all budgets. All levels include a copy of the book (a real copy, not PDF!) plus 9 hours of coaching that will deepen your personal insights as you progress through the book and workbook exercises, enhance your learning and personal development, support you through any changes you may make and develop a clear mindset for success. Psychometric test and practical help with building an outstanding CV are additional options. What you get: Your own […]