Is your mindset ‘Open for Business’ for developing resilience?

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The importance of mindset in developing resilience can’t be overstated.  It’s one of the most important pillars of a resilient life and it features in my Resilience Framework – the one I designed based on years as a nurse and as a coach, and that I use regularly to help my 1:1 clients identify what’s working well and what needs more attention.   Luckily, like many of the other pillars, mindset is something you have control over.  It’s doesn’t rely on anyone else.  It’s within your power to improve it. To develop your level of resilience, your mindset must be programmed so that you are ‘Open for Business‘ in terms of personal growth. Experiences (both good and bad) are a wasted opportunity for personal growth if you don’t reflect on them and identify what you have learned from them. In the Resilience Hub this week there is a new video with […]

**Special Offer** Upgrade to full Resilience Hub and get 1 phone coaching session

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******SPECIAL OFFER******   Upgrade to the full Resilience Hub at the introductory rate while it’s still available and get a complementary phone coaching session.   Access to the entire dashboard of the Resilience Hub is currently available at an introductory rate of €49. From 1st February 2019 the full rate of €97 will apply.   However, the FIRST TEN people who upgrade from the free version to the paid version at the lower rate of €49 before 31st January will also receive a one hour complementary coaching session with me by phone.   By the way, you can use your coaching session to work through any issue, not just resilience – so if you have a life issue, are thinking of a career change or move, would like to work on your leadership style, build your confidence, silence your inner critic for-ev-er, or whatever is bugging you at the moment, […]

How does a Resilience Coach start the day?

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How do you start your day?  Do you provide your fabulously faithful and loyal body with the fuel it needs for the day ahead? I have wondered how to write this post without it sounding ‘preachy’ because I definitely do not want that.  So suffice to say what I’m sharing with you is just that – sharing – in case it helps point the way for someone towards better health as a cornerstone of a resilient life.  It’s as difficult for me, (a healthcare professional turned Resilience Coach!), to follow healthy habits as it is for anyone else.  My personal challenge is my sugar/chocolate addiction requires constant intervention and attention. Everyone has their own challenges and their own ways to manage or overcome them. One habit that I have successfully put in place is what I eat for breakfast. Every single morning, no matter what, I eat porridge with banana, strawberries and […]

How our thoughts affect our performance

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Research has shown that if we tell ourselves we’re not going to do well, the result is that we in fact don’t do well. Conversely, in that study when the same people who thought they wouldn’t perform well were told to just give it a go and reassured that they will probably pass the benchmark anyway, they performed just as well as other groups of people in the study. This tells us that when we do take action, even if we lack confidence or self-belief, we can usually perform at least as well as anyone else. And it also tells us that our noisy and opinionated Inner Critic has a measurable negative impact on how we perform. The more we fret, worry and listen to our Inner Critic, the more these thoughts become automatic. We train our brains into thinking negatively.  And then our decisions, perceptions and behaviours become influenced by these […]

Look after yourself so you can look after others

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Have you spent the last few weeks running around, looking after everyone else’s needs and making things happen? When is the last time you set aside time to look at your own needs and wants? You can’t look after them until you look after yourself first. You know this makes sense! Can you put it into action though? What do you need to do, as a starter, for yourself? What action can YOU take, that isn’t dependent on the actions or will of others? We can’t control others, but we can exert (or take back!) control of our thoughts, behaviours and actions. Even though you might have multiple responsibilities, you must find space for YOU. Just one slice, every day, of what fuels your soul. Why not put one small new action in place today and then check back in with me in 7 days time (you will find me […]

The benefits of knowing your true values

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One of the things that fuels a happy life is knowing what our values are. But when you are living or working with people who do not share the same values as you, that can be stressful, so it’s important to either try to avoid those situations or find a way to live with them or compensate for them. One of the reasons some people find holidays like Christmas so difficult is that they may be spending more time than they would like with people who don’t share the same values as them. In this case, there are three choices: Get stressed or even end up in an argument with someone. Options 2 and 3 are better than this! Change the situation if you can. Say no when you can.  Make contingency plans.  Arrange to do something completely different. If you really can’t change the situation, change your attitude to […]

The steps towards change

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In last week’s blog we looked at making preparations for change – a change in behaviour or habit – maybe something that will form part of a New Year’s Resolution. This week I’m going to introduce you to a model for behaviour change that’s used in healthcare for people who need to overhaul their lifestyle in order to achieve better health. It’s based on a formula that breaks down the steps we all take when change is needed. They are: Pre-contemplation. Contemplation. Preparation. Action. Maintenance. This model will help you to easily spot the stage where you tend to falter or fall back into old habits, and when you know where that hurdle is you can better prepare for it and ultimately be more successful at putting your new healthier or better habit in place. The model is explained in more detail in The Resilience Hub – just log in […]

Preparing for Goals

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The new year is only a few weeks away and no doubt most people are starting to think about what they want to change in 2019. It’s easy to think about this now, with 4 weeks left to go sitting in our old comfortable habits… When the new year arrives and you are there – in 2019 – will you start doing things differently or will you give yourself a sick note to excuse yourself from the day when you need to do something different? If this sounds like a recurring event from previous new years, maybe it would be worth approaching it more strategically, planning and working in line with what your brain wants to do, in a way that eases you into the new habit almost without you noticing! If this sounds good – check out the latest video in the Resilience Hub. Over the next few weeks […]

Hope floats

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Do you have days when you feel despair about your financial situation.  Those days when you have too much month at the end of your paycheck, or if you are self-employed you might be worried about a quiet month with another quiet month ahead. One of my favourite films is Hope Floats, starring Sandra Bullock and Harry Connick Jr.  I love it because it’s a gentle film with insightful moments, particularly Sandra Bullock’s narrative at the end about allowing time for hope to float to the surface. Yes, if we are generally well physically, emotionally and mentally, hope usually does float to the surface, but you can also nudge it along, getting it to surface faster so that you feel better quickly. In the Resilience Hub this week is a video with 6 things you can do right now (that won’t cost you any money) to help hope float for […]

Sleep – that elusive energy source

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Now that we are in the darkest months of the year in the northern hemisphere, many of us are feeling the effects of sleep deprivation because we are sleeping the same number of hours as we do during the summer – and possibly this is even less than we actually need. Aside from the natural world being different at this time of year, some of what disturbs our sleep is self-inflicted.  We don’t allow ourselves adequate time to wind down in the evening, we take on or retain too much worrying and problem-solving, we gaze at bright screens well into the darkness hours and we often don’t ensure we have an environment that helps us get at least 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Sleep deprivation causes us to lose focus, concentration and memory.  It causes ill-health and even hallucinations.  It was a factor that contributed to the nuclear disasters in […]