30 Minute Resilience Breakthrough

I hear you!

If you are a nurse or midwife working in the health service at the moment I know that some of the biggest challenges you face are overwhelm with workload at work and chronic distress from dealing with illness and loss on an ongoing basis.

  • You are working harder and harder but seeing the same pay-check each month, which isn’t enough to meet your family’s needs.
  • You might feel stuck in a rut – you’ve gone up the incremental scales and now feel like you’ve met the ceiling of possibility in your career.
  • You might be a parent, rushing around after kids, trying to find the energy to do the relentless housework when you’re already exhausted.
  • Maybe you do not just the housework, but also the household management – which is a totally different thing – coordinating bills and repairs and household accounts.
  • Maybe you are also a carer or have ageing parents who are starting to need your nursing skills now more than anything else.
  • Maybe you have forgotten just why on earth you got into nursing in the first place.
  • You might not have felt joy or fulfillment from a day’s work for a long time now.
  • Maybe you are so busy that you have actually forgotten how to recover.  Earlier in your career maybe you were able to go out with friends and hit the town as a way of decompressing after a stressful week at work, but now that’s not an option and you don’t actually know what it is that will help you to recover and relax and get some energy back into your life.

What you need, or even yearn for, are coping skills and some guided space to build on your strength of character so that you can handle all that’s thrown at you and bounce right back.  You may have tried self help books, (but you know what they say about self help books – if all that was needed was for you to read a book you would be better by now and certainly wouldn’t need to buy another one, or have a shelf full of them).  You may have treated yourself to a spa treatment or something similar, which is certainly perfect for relaxation but a week later you are still fire-fighting at work and at home.

An intervention that has a sustainable long-term effect is what is needed for this level of personal development.

This is where coaching comes in.

Coaching is a truly transformative process.  It’s a proven development tool used in organisations all over the world to help people feel more resilient and feel better able to manage the challenges of work and life more effectively.  Coaching helps people to feel more motivated and empowered, and less stressed or overwhelmed. Discovering what your drivers are, reawakening your true values and identifying your life purpose are some of the cornerstones of a happy and fulfilled life, because once you know exactly what these are, everything else falls into place more easily.  Decisions are easier.  It’s easier to say no to things that aren’t compatible with your values and long-term aspirations and dreams.

Lisa’s holistic approach to Resilient Coaching.

The Resilience Coaching that I offer addresses in detail the four cornerstones that I believe are essential foundations of resilience, i.e. Your Physiology, Your Mind, Your Fuel and Your World.  Built on these cornerstones are pillars that include physical and mental health, mindset, stress management, conflict management, and more.

Why am I qualified to help with this?

Well, firstly I am also a qualified nurse and midwife.  I’m a parent, and I’ve lost a parent.  I burned out of nursing twice and out of life on a couple of occasions.  I have been where you are now – overwhelmed and distressed with a cup that brimmed over but with all the wrong things (exhausted, afraid, worried, chronically and permanently wrecked).  I’ve been through some periods when to say nothing was going right was an understatement.

Fast forward to the present day where I am a qualified coach helping nurses and midwives who are where I was at in the past. I now have a whole toolkit of coaching techniques, knowledge and amazing insights from the fields of leadership development and neuroscience that would have helped me enormously when I was busy burning out in the past.  To think that I had a deep reservoir of strengths inside me that I didn’t even know was there, let alone access, is incredible to realise now.  I am now unafraid of what each day might bring; not in a cavalier way but with a quiet calm sense of peace.  Life brings lemons (sometimes rotten ones) but I now know that I’m stronger than I thought.  I’ll be sent more punches no doubt but I will put the gloves back on and rebound.  This is more than mindset (although it’s that too).  It’s based on being on the receiving end of evidence-based coaching techniques (coaches have to have continuous supervision and coaching to ensure we remain strong and resilient ourselves!) and knowing that it works.  Coaching works.  Period.

Lisa Nolan
Your Coach – Lisa

It is now my mission to share this knowledge and these techniques with as many of my nurse and midwife colleagues as I can possibly reach. 

My goal is one person per day. 

Is today the day that that one person will be you?




I have two questions for you…

A year from now, what will you regret not starting now? 

What might happen if you don’t invest in the gift of personal development and transformation that coaching can bring?

Nothing will change unless you make change happen. A year from now you might still be:

Χ Running to stand still, meeting yourself coming back the other way.

Χ Afraid of what the day will bring because you just can’t absorb any more.

Χ Burned out – not able to help the people you want to help (patients, kids, etc)

Χ Stuck in the same rut, stagnant – the only movement might be further spiraling into overwhelm.

Χ Another day/week/month/year of your life gone without taking control.

What benefits will you get from working with me?

You will have me in your corner, with regular 1:1 coaching as a safe space where you will be given time to grow.

Gentle but effective nudging, challenges and accountability checks so that you make definite progress.

It’s well known and has been proven that the benefits of coaching extend beyond the sessions and last long after the coaching engagement has ended.  1:1 coaching truly is an investment in yourself and your personal growth that will reap rewards for years to come.

I have a wealth of experience and qualifications and you can pick my brain (it’s here for you!).

You will either reacquaint yourself with your passion for your job, or discover a different purpose/calling.

√ You will discover inner strengths and confidence that you did not know you had.  This is not just a line – it’s a discovery made by clients over and over again.  It’s a beautiful thing to get to know yourself more than ever before and to start to love what it is that makes you you.

If this has ‘spoken’ to you; if I have put into words what you are feeling and what you need, why not book a 30 minute Resilience Breakthrough Session with me?  It’s via phone, completely free to book and there are 5 spaces in my diary set aside each week for people just like you, who need support and who need to figure out which direction to look in order to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

In this session, together we will:

√ Explore your current levels of resilience, your cornerstones and pillars so that you are aware of what’s working and what’s not helping.

√ Put our finger on what is causing you to feel less than resilient.

√ Identify areas where small changes could make a huge difference.

√ Specify how you want to feel in one month or six months or one year from now so that you can see clearly the steps you need to take. Starting with the first step to take, starting the minute you get off the phone.  It starts right then.

After our session you will:

 Receive a personalised blueprint of your cornerstones and pillars by e-mail so that you can refer to it often and work on the areas that need attention.

Feel calmer, more empowered and ready to start making meaningful changes.

The sooner you start the sooner things will change.  

Are you ready to give yourself 30 minutes to Break Through?

Simply hit the green button below to and you’ll be taken to my calendar where you can book in for a time and date that suits you for your Breakthrough Session.

I am really looking forward to helping you Break Through.

Lisa, x

Resilience and Leadership Coach, RGN, RM.