Coaching is a safe courageous space where under the guidance of an experienced, skilled, empathetic and emotionally intelligent coach, you will reach deep into your potential, drawing on your skills and unique abilities (the ones you know about and the many more you are unaware of!) and using these as the cornerstones of new developments, changes and improvements in your life. Coaching is transformative and life-changing; it is the ultimate investment in you because the value you get from coaching endures long after the coaching has ended.


“I found my coaching engagement with you …. hugely beneficial and want to extend my gratitude to you for the insights and learning that I gained through working with you. Hopefully our paths may cross again in the future, I wish you the very best as you continue to inspire.” – Client 2018

Hugely beneficial

“I had a business coaching session with Lisa towards the end of last year. I haven’t had a coaching session before and didn’t know what to expect. Lisa had prepared an agenda in advance.
We started with a walk in the woods to help think creatively. And finished coming up with a plan together with actions over a coffee.

The session was so well organized, the follow-up actions were clear with accountability built in. It’s good to step outside your every day from time to time, particularly when you have an experienced coach by your side. Lisa makes it easy and achievable. She directs, gently pushes and probes to get the best result.

If you’re feeling stuck, are ready to move in a new direction or want new areas of growth from your business then a coaching session with Lisa at Aslan Leadership Coaching is for you.”

Maria Macklin, House of Colour

Business Clarity Session 5 stars!

” Lisa has recently presented a resilience seminar and one on one coaching to our Local Training Initiative participants. As the recent 2018 National AONTAS STAR Award winners in Wellbeing we believe that Lisa’s coaching and mentoring has undoubtedly helped our soon to be graduates. The Moving On Sport and Recreation Programme based in Castleblayney is all about raising people above their perceived limitations and Lisa has been an excellent addition in achieving our goal in adult education.”
Barry Dolan, Coordinator, Moving On Sport and Recreation Programme, May 2018

An excellent addition

“I loved the workshops.  I realised I’m a lot more resilient than I thought I was.  Great toolkit going forward.  Thank you”
“Thank you.  I really enjoyed the workshop and I now know that I need to rethink/retrain my thoughts from negative to positive.  Thank you Lisa”
“From beginning to end it was excellent”.
“Was all very informative”.  “Talk was excellent”
Really enjoyed the day, so much relevant information…
“Very honest approach …  Nothing was left unanswered.”
“Very informative, relaxed…. Enjoyed the day.”
“…highly experienced facilitators…opened my eyes and I feel after the day I’ve gained confidence and know my value.  Thank you.”
“Very informative, practical, approachable facilitator.  Lisa…couldn’t have been more helpful.”
“Excellent course.”  Really enjoyed the day, thank you.”
Plenty of advice and materials given.  Very relaxed and informative
Very informative and worthwhile course”  “Lovely evening”  “Very good”
“Enjoyed it very much”  “Fantastic”  “Excellent talk”  “Very interesting”
“Very very good”  Focused me to go for it and gave me the confidence I needed
“Very interesting course, looking forward to meeting for our one-to-one” [follow up coaching session].
Very good and informative, learned a lot of new things especially that I have more resilience than I thought I had.  Thank you Lisa
I’ve definitely learned brilliant tips to manage stress and be resilient

Workshop participants

“I feel extremely fortunate to have been coached by Lisa. As a self-employed, small business owner in the healthcare field, trying to juggle family and work commitments, I was feeling overwhelmed and burnt out when I started coaching. Lisa’s skillful questioning, kind listening and wise advice gradually helped me to recover my energy and sense of purpose. Each session brought its own insights and understandings, followed by practical tasks and exercises that had the effect of re-invigorating my personal life, and advancing my business.

Throughout the whole process, Lisa demonstrated a wholehearted encouragement and commitment that was kind and supportive. She combines genuine kindness with real insight into what makes people tick. Add to that her utter reliability, trustworthiness and efficiency, as well as what she has learned from her own experience in healthcare and as a working parent, and you have an exceptionally talented coach. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Lisa as an executive, business and life coach.” – Client 2016

An exceptionally talented coach

“Lisa is a most wonderful coach. She has such a kind and gentle approach and yet she asked questions to get to the underlying issues that I wasn’t even aware of. She is remarkably insightful, and she could turn the seemingly natural and friendly conversations around so I saw things from a completely new perspective. Like all excellent coaches, Lisa knew I had all the answers – I just didn’t know what the questions were. It’s so exhilarating to find that all the muddle is unlocked and you are left with very clear options and opportunities. I would recommend Lisa very highly.” – Client 2016

Remarkably insightful

“Lisa was a very active listener and had a great understanding of the issues I face on a personal and professional level. She very quietly and effectively encouraged me to take a different view and find solutions to issues I face.” Client 2016

Very active listener

“Lisa is blessed with a warm generous personality along with an analytical and intelligent mind. I felt empowered when working with Lisa. She was excellent at recalling all that I told her and helping me to address the issues that I wanted to clarify.  She always listened extremely well and asked probing and intelligent questions.  As a result I think she has a deep understanding of me and my values.” Client 2016

I felt empowered